Full Salvation II

God gives grace to overcome sin. Your part is to accept forgiveness and submit to God’s work in you. Thereby, you become stronger and come into a deeper walk with God. Your life will manifest truth and love, a reflection of heaven on earth.


Temporary happiness is a false happiness. Real happiness can only come from God. Washing by the blood of Christ takes away sin. Sin is missing the mark. The shaft of your life must be brought back into line.

People using excess of alcohol, drugs, food are seeking rest. Proverbs 3 promises peace by following the words of God. You are working on getting them into your heart. Look to God for the answers. There will always be the storm of life, He will keep you in the safe place.

Things get sealed when you are at home talking to God. You commit based on what you know, and God will bring you around. God deals with one thing at the time. We still have to submit, the flesh wants to rebel. The problem in Christianity is, we have emphasized the one thing (relationship with God), but forgot the other (submission). The latter comes with it.

He who believes on Christ is not condemned, but he who does not is condemned already. The condemnation is the light that comes into the world. When your life is changed, it is manifesting truth and love, light. This is what the kingdom of God is about, bringing the reflection of heaven to earth.

The harder part about forgiveness is accepting it. When you have asked and have a heart change, God has already forgotten it. It is gone, the blood has covered it. God sees the final result, He sees you growing up. If there is something you don’t want to let go of, it is stopping the relationship between you and Him. You are not accountable until God brings it up, but then you are. God will give you grace to overcome it, and you will get stronger. It is His strength. You don’t know how to change yourself, but later you can see what God has done. Nobody can take that away, what God has done in your life. Nobody can take that away, no one on earth and heaven.

It comes to a point of decision. Do you want Christ to take the throne of your heart and introduce you to the Father, and give you the power of the Holy Spirit. There are only two roads in life: the rutted road to hell or the narrow, smooth road to heaven. It will take discipline to go upward.

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