God Has Prepared Hearts

God has prepared hearts to receive the life of Christ. We are ministering out of our relationship with the Lord, having seen both His friendship and His rod.


“We’ve got to know that in this hour God has prepared hearts for the Ekklesia now to move out and start bringing the full gospel. Wasn’t that what Paul did, preached the full gospel, the full gospel of Christ. “I preach Christ and Him crucified.” And he lived it. So, if he is living Christ and Christ is so real in him, and the image of Christ in him, which we are to this day, to study the life of Paul as well. “This is what it is, because we are getting back to the basics, the simplicity of Christ. I tell you, this is why, over the years, we have really pressed into our relationship with the Lord. We have really pressed into that intimacy, we have really pressed into knowing His voice. That friendship of the Lord, the companionship of the Lord. And yet, we have also seen the rod of the Lord, we have seen that full spectrum, the Lamb and the Lion. “And this is how we minister. Paul talked a lot about the gentleness and the meekness of Christ. He didn’t pull any punches, he told it like it is. And we see the whole success that he had, even though others abandoned him. Man, he really had that level of Christ. And again, it’s the love, it’s the love and the mercy of God that is coming into the world like never before. “And what I was able to speak yesterday, I really sensed, it’s so the love of God that is moving into people’s hearts. This is were we have to be careful in judgment of things that people are going through, because God is using a lot of different things to get people …, finishing things in their lives, opening up the new life of Christ in them.”


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