God Is Building JKG Into A Holy Community

God is building a holy community at JKG. The coming harvest will find its place in this holy community. A recording from the year end meeting at JKG.

There has been a shift this week. I really felt it, and knew from the Lord that that which was JKG is now gone. We have to know that. He is taking us up into the new, so everything that once was is no longer. And the Lord will cause us to shift into the new. To see the new, we have to be willing to let go of any of the old that needs to go. God is bringing the new, we keep advancing in that.

You need to make up your mind that you will follow, it doesn’t matter left or right, the shift comes.

It may not look like what we think. God is working out His intentions. Our charge is to keep steady with Him, keep singing and praying and interceding. It is that glorious freedom that comes out of what He is about to do. See the freedom out of it and the grace and the glory in it. Watch for the ascension of JKG.” But, we have to let Him do what He wants to do. Remember the scripture; our ways are not God’s ways.

It is really important for us to be doing what we are doing in that we are reading and getting ourselves prepared, because our values have got to change, and that is part of the teaching of our own values. And that is what he (John Alley) has done in his congregation for seven years. It will not take us this long, but it is a process that god is doing this. And it is not going to be instant. He wants us to have that value in our heart first, because then the shift comes and then the change comes. So, that is why it is important for us to do the books and the videos and keep at it.

The next JKG is not like it was. The Lord is showing me it is like wiping a hard drive clean and starting all over. it is almost that intense, because it is getting rid of everything that you have heard, and starting with just what I want you to know. Every day should be starting anew and fresh, it shouldn’t be like starting form the past ahead. This is what holiness is, going by the spirit.

Is this like the death of a vision?

No, God has given us the vision for the future. You have to die to it, to let go of it and let god resurrect it. Now we are in the time where the promises will be fulfilled. God is really breathing His breath on the vision.

So, we are embracing the hoy community; that is what God is building. The vision we have, even the physical thing, that is all going to fit into the holy community, it will help to facilitate it. It will be the holy community that is building this vision. The great harvest will actually find their place in the holy community.


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