God Is Revealing Himself

God has put a cry in peoples heart, because there is a greater hope. Salvation has been watered down.Full salvation through the blood of Christ brings not only forgiveness of sins, but full deliverance and restoration.



God has brought us here into town. God is revealing us, because He is revealing Himself. He has come for the cry of people’s hearts. You are crying out for something more. There are people sitting in churches crying out for something more.

This is a broad spectrum of people. There are those who are totally dissatisfied, and they are thinking: Is this our only hope, is this our hope for the future? [..] The dissatisfaction runs very, very deep.

Some people can read the book of Acts and say that was in a bygone time, but what is our hope for today? Is there not a greater hope? [..] God has put that cry in peoples heart, because there is that greater hope. He is bringing in that greater hope people are looking for. People are looking for transformation, in our society, in our culture, even within themselves.

Salvation has been so watered down and not presented as what it truly is. We have to so get back to the basics, and really start preaching what salvation is. Salvation is deliverance, it is the full deliverance. Yes, forgiveness [..], but some people don’t even know that they are forgiven of their sins, they don’t even understand the power of the blood to forgive sins, let alone to bring total healing, total deliverance, restoration into their lives.

We have to get back to the basics. And the Book of Acts is modeling that, and even the life of Jesus. [..] To bring people into that full conversion, for without that conversion, what hope is there? You are still in a mindset of striving, and not in that deep peace and rest afforded by the blood of Christ. That dissatisfaction runs a lot deeper than what we think.

So, here we are. God wants to reveal Himself, and we are carrying that something more. The quickening of the Spirit of God, the enlightening of the Spirit of God, God’s light overtaking the false light, God’s fire overtaking the false fire, just the breath of God releasing that, it is going to set many people free.


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