Gods Plan Is Raining Down From Heaven


For those that maybe unaware we at JKG in Fairfield and The Base in Des Moines have been seeing that God has been bringing a fire upon the state of Iowa in the month of March. This fire is causing leaders as well as all to make decisions in there lives on how deeply they will serve their God. We also know that God has said that His rains would be released on Iowa in April. This is the word I received yesterday.

God’s Plan Is Raining / Reigning Down From Heaven

And so it has begun to fall like rain. My plan of My heart that has been held back throughout the ages. You say, will it be an another month? another year?, but I have waited for thousands of years for My plan to unfold in its fullness. And indeed I have waited thousands of years to see it unfold upon the earth. Many have prophesied about its coming. Do not fear the times ahead for My grace will be upon My children. Fear only you illegitimate children that carry My face, but do not carry My heart. For My judgment is upon you and I hold back no longer. I come with force. Signs will appear in the heavens and upon the earth. Be not amazed for that which must be removed will now be moved. The cries of the hurting, the broken, and the lost outweighs My mercy on leaders that will not change. Know now that My grace upon the old has lifted. And My focus, My heart, is on the lost.

Who will lay down their title, their kingdom, their heart for what I am about to do? It has already started, it is already in motion. Depending on the natural will no longer work, only steps of faith in obedience to My voice. The old structure will be exposed quickly as My holy ones step in faith. The old will wane while My plan unfolds. My hand will be strong upon My servants and will be apparent even to the unbelievers. No longer will they wonder if it was My hand, but they will be compelled to say “Only God could have done this thing”. Signs, wonders, and miracles will be common place and My glory will be seen resting upon My holy ones.

For My holy ones, know this grace is already resting on you. Be sensitive to My assignments, listen and obey when My Spirit prompts you. Understand the waters are deepening and the current is becoming stronger. Place your feet firmly upon the rock as to not slip and fall. Many decisions have been made and many will fall away; be not troubled, for this thing must be so that My holy ones can arise and be seen. They will not be covered by the bushel basket called The Church, but I am unveiling them for all to see.

They will come with power and might, and with wisdom and understanding. They will know the times and seasons. They will know My judgments and woes. They will command the heavens. They will conquer strongholds. They will over run the structures set in place by the enemy. No longer does My church sleep, for My holy ones that listen to My voice and hearken to My words, they will rise up outside the cold dark structures so that My broken, hurting, and lost will find them. It is no different than when My Son walked upon the earth. Those in the temple were amazed, but tell me a story of when those of the temple invited those outside to come in and see My Son. For they were dead men carrying my face, but they did not know My heart. So again My holy ones will have to go to the highways and byways and find My hurting, broken, and lost.

You say how will we find them? Remember, Jesus would walk about teaching and healing, and the multitudes were drawn to Him. If you will hear My voice and obey My words, I will show you where to go and what to do. It will be simple, just different than the way you have seen it or the way you have seen it done. Nevertheless, those following My Spirit will shift into the new pattern. See if even in the next five years this thing will be established. And My church of living stones, vibrant and alive, of which no one will deny and all will say that these are followers of the one true God.

Prophet Steven Walz



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