Governing From The Throne Of God

A prophetic word delivered by Apostle Greg Crawford. We have been made in a place of authority and governing, and are called to govern from the throne of God over our places, states and the nation. The following is not a verbal transcript, but a collection of main points.

September 13, 2014 at the Awakening Fires Meeting in Des Moines

The Lord said, I want you to build a throne for me. Today begins the governing, He desires his throne to be placed in our midst, and us to be placed in his throne.

“I have made you in a place of authority and governing. In your heart is the large thing. Govern that which is larger, and the small will fall away.

“Govern in all the places that you came from, bring My throne into those places. Where My throne is there will I go. Govern with Me. Decree with the authority that I have given you, and things will move and disappear. Govern what will be. I have put My spirit of a king upon you. Begin to decree from My throne. This is the mystery that Daniel saw. The earth is in travail, longing for the sons and daughters. This is what Enoch saw. The time of full redemption is at hand.”

Today, we partner with you. We have come here to govern over our state, that change will occur. That the eternal realm will drop into this natural realm. Florida will be spared because of Your mercy, a shift will occur from the governor down. In our state, the shift has occurred. Perfect what is lacking in the remnants faith. Make us overcomers. Our hearts are fixed on You.


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