Grace And Peace

Grace and Peace – when you read the letters the apostles wrote to the church, it seems to be a binary impartation; they would all impart that grace and peace. They were releasing that over the church, rather than that just being a salutation.

Grace And Peace

Peace – the fruit of the spirit is the manifestation of the life-low of God. And there is nothing hiding that, there is no law binding it, there is no death, there is no bondage, it is free. It is the freedom in Christ, the full expression of the life flow of God in the fruit of the spirit. So this is key again, you can touch upon all of the fruit of the spirit, today we are just on peace. But it is truly the life flow, it is the virtue, it is the life flow of the Lord, which is lived out of us. That is why He does not want our hearts to be troubled.

Because the Lord is saying to us, we are going to be pulled in many directions. That is what He is saying to us, and that is why He is saying, my grace and my peace. My grace is going to cause the influence, my grace is going to cause the increase, my grace is going to build this great house, but I am going to keep you hearts and your minds in my peace. So, there you have it. That is the crux of this message.


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