Grafted Back Into The Tree Of Life – Judy On Lonnies Testimony

Judy comments on Lonnie’s testimony, and on him having missed visits and prayers. Lonnie had to go through his God experience alone, we could not see him or hear him.

“But I also want everybody else to know, the places that you are crying out to God is – He spoke it to me as Ray and I drove home this morning out of Romans 6, 7 and 8 – what is it? That the very boughs are cut off from the tree, so that we will lay on the ground and cry out with all of the Gentiles who have yet to be grafted into His body. And what happened? As we lay there and cried, He picks up the branches and He grafts into the tree, so that even more can come in, so that both can be saved.

“That is the picture of what is in your heart. As you lay there, in whatever capacity, and saying, God, I have got to have that tree of life, I have been cut off. That is part of our intercession, I’ve been cut off from You, and I have got to be grafted back in again. I didn’t realize what we had, but I’ve got to be grafted back in again. He doesn’t just pick up us, He is picking up all of those around us, who are in the very place we are laying, flat out before Him, ok?

“So, it is a cool thing, I love this that you have this experience now in God, where you are hearing that cry, because tit is not just your own. It’s why He caused Virgil to be laid out in a certain way, and Marty, and Chris, Kai, you guys – we are waiting to hear your testimonies, we know you are laying out somewhere. But how do you feel cut off from God, where is it, the tree of life, and you feel cut off from it. But in that very particular place is where the Lord is going to pick you back up and graft you back in, but He is also picking up all those in the very areas of your life that you feel cut off. We can’t hear you, we can’t see you, because it is about that God experience. And as our testimonies all get really strong, we will go out strong in all of these areas.”

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