Great Joy, Great Honor, Great Glory

” I am bringing a new thing into the earth, full of grace and full of glory. And it shall carry My anointing oil, the oil of gladness. My praise shall be upon your hearts, for a new thing is upon you, a thing of great joy, of great honor, and of great glory. Great is My satisfaction in this hour, for My Kingdom will be manifested with signs, wonders, and miracles. You say, ‘when will they come’? But I say they have already started to flow and in greater measure they shall flow even in the upcoming months. It shall be a new thing upon the earth because the glory seen upon the earth is greater and weightier.

“The full measure of grace is upon you. Your Apostle and Father will begin to teach you what it is to be holy, because what is coming is greater than what has been. Some things must still come into alignment. Seek My grace, it is sufficient. Your building will come soon. Seek after My heart and watch as I set others in place to help with the work that is set before you. With faith as small as a mustard seed, this will be accomplished, and even in that, I will give the grace needed to do the work.

“Focus on My heart, you of JKG, for I have formed you after My own heart and I now indeed launch you into the service of the Kingdom. Watch as My favor will become obvious to those around you and they will begin to speak and even become envious of the glory that will be seen upon you. For it is a new day and a new dawn, the old has passed away and the new is now renewed.

“I come in a Fiery Passion and a Divine Love. Joy will replace the sorrow of birth pains. I say, the suffering is not over, but the sound of the new birth of freedom will drown out the pains you will feel, for only a mother can know of what I speak. Nevertheless, it is upon you. So do the things I have already assigned you and it will release the next step. Do not be concerned about water that has already passed under the bridge, but be diligent with what you have. Much has been given.

“You are a team, but much more, you are family. Raise each other up in your most holy faith. Exhort and comfort, listen and learn, for you fellow members are the most valuable resource you have. I will begin to place a greater emphasis on you seeing each other’s value. Things will shift quickly so put your house in order. I come in greater measure. I will even bring some to your door steps, for it will be of My Spirit.

“Listen and be attentive to My voice. Hearken to the still small voice. Pay attention to My soft, light, subtle touch and breath. I am wooing you even in the mist of all that is coming. Hearken to what I say. Do not be overcome with the work of ministry, but rest in the grace that will come to do the work. I am coming in greater measure and greater splendor, awe, and wonder. The former is now complete. I seal that door. Walk in the new. My grace is sufficient.”

Steve Walz


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