Greater Grace To Do The Greater Works

It is time to lift up the group (JKG), for I am lifting them up. And I am bringing you into the time of harvest. And they will come in droves. Yes I said droves, for it is the set time and you will marvel as I position you, as I have appointed you. You will no longer be in the back drop for I have ordained it to be that you would come forth in this set time. Pursue the building and I will show you My plans, press into it so it will come forth. The time has not passed, but it is upon you. So press into what is upon you. Press, so I can press out what is inside of you, the precious oil that I have stored up for this time.

Come forth My children, for My Spirit rests upon you to do exploits. Come forth and step into My divine nature. I say even a new, deeper journey will this be for you, for you are on the outer cusp of what My divine nature is really like. Press in so I can reveal that which has been hidden. For the difference between what has been and what is to come is My divine nature resting upon authority. This is the Melchizedek priesthood. And My priest will burn the incenses of holiness before My nostrils and bring great pleasure to My throne.

You say how can this be, but I say it is because I have ordained it. I will baffle and confound those that oppose you, for they are really only opposing all that I have, but have been unwilling to apprehend. There is a greater grace to do the greater works. Come forth, you workers of iniquity, so I may purge you and make you white as snow. For is not My grace great enough even for the conversation of a Saul into a Paul? I only need a heart that will humble itself before Me. I will do the rest. Look no further, for I am the great I Am. Fear and tremble before Me and I will bring you into the awe of who I am. I say come all that will, for I wish that none would perish.

Steven Walz


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