Holding The Tension – God Is Doing A Deeper Work

God is now doing a deeper work in us. Let us give it time to come to fruition, 40 days to completion for each step. Ministry will be more swift and life-giving, because God will be in it.



00:04 Let Gods Work In Us Come To Fruition

Gods work in us now is very gentle and deep, allow it to grow out of you. Give it 40 days, hold the silence. His work is without words, with Presence. Expect that what God has formed in you will be made manifest. Gods work is enduring and takes that time of formation.

03:37 The Individual And The Body Are Built Up Together

God’s works in the individual and in the Body are not separate. The individual and the Body are built up together. When you move, ask God where He wants to position you in His Body, don’t be just looking for a church.

06:40 A Life-Giving Flow Is Coming From The Throne

Dreams and words are now coming from the Throne. We need to hold the tension, because this is whetting our edge. It will be more gentle and life-giving. Ministry will not be a big drama thing, it will be swift and to the point. Hold the tension and let Him give you that edge that has the life-giving flow in it, because He is in it.


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