Humbling Is Upon This Nation

There will be a great humbling upon the nation this summer and for the next 5 years. For My people hear not My voice and will not humble themselves before Me. I will humble them before My throne. I will humble them in the work place. I will humble them in their homes.

For I bring a fire of purging upon this nation that will not turn from its stubbornness. I will raise up a new standard and will crumble the idols that man has raised up. I will bring a new thing of holiness into the land. I will change the hearts of many and few will be able to resist what I am about to release upon this nation. I will shift its course. I will bring it again back onto Me. For it is not your nation as much as it is My nation. Surrender what is yours and take hold of what is Mine. No thing will be sacred in this shaking. No thing will be hidden. My Glory will be revealed upon the earth. I will breathe life into it once again.

Prophet Steven Walz


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  • Jordan Sep 17, 2013

    I have been feeling that way for the last nineteen years. I have been wondering when things are going to change. Believe me, they are changing.

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