I Am Coming In Power

And the Spirit of the Lord would say; I am coming in power and might to display My glory.  I am coming to show you as well as the principalities and powers that I am Lord and I reign on the earth as well as in the heavens.  The new day and the new dawn, it is the shift into a new age where My reign will be seen upon the earth as never before.  I will rule the nation through My people.  I am bringing forth governing authority upon the earth.  Kingdoms will fall and nations shall be shaken, but My Holy Ones will reign as never before.  For even as evil has been released at a new level so will My grace and strength be released at upon My people to do exploits not seen upon the earth.  Jesus said greater works will you do because authority and power is given to you.  You will reign under My authority and all will be compelled to submit to My authority.  Do not believe the lie that satan will take control of your world for I am raising up an army that will not be overthrown.  The battle will indeed intensify, but My Holy Ones will overthrow the plan of the enemy and his kingdom will fall.  Walk in faith and not in fear in the days ahead, for My Spirit will be upon you to supply all your needs.  I am the great provider.  Who else can you trust?  Who else can you come to and be comforted?  Who else can you trust with your eternal lives?  I am coming to rule upon My throne upon the earth.  I have been establishing My kingdom through out the past years.  You look for a quick work, but I look for a complete work.

Know that you will only see a portion for you are forerunners and much will still come after you.  But know your course is sure.  And I will establish a work with all of you at Jubilee.  Some more, some less but My work will be established and more will come to assist you in the task.  They are already coming, you just have not seen them yet.  They will even come in droves.  Do not fear your present situation, I have a plan, the building will move in My timing.  Do not be concerned for it is still in My hand.  Wait on My timing which is always perfect.  Wait on My provision to do the work that I have called you to do. For it is a new day and a new dawn and it is important that you, even you, be total functioning in My economic system.

For systems will rise and systems will fall but My system is eternal.  My system will not fail even as seed time and harvest never fails.  So plant your seeds wisely for a harvest always comes either for good or for evil.  Discern the times, discern the spirits, discern what is temporal and what is eternal.


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