I Am Coming In Power

I am coming in power and might as the north wind blows, so comes My Spirit.  To uproot and remove those things that will hinder this move of My Spirit.  I come with force and a vengeance against the evil that has propagated itself in these times.  I come with a vengeance for those that call themselves My church and are not.  I come with a fury to those that call themselves apostles and prophets and are not, for I come with mercy to my sheep that are lost and are without a Shepherd.

I say repent you workers of iniquity lest you be removed and blotted out of the Lambs Book of Life.  I come with a vengeance; be not unstable in what you believe and live.  The time is short, be not of dull hearing for My Spirit is crying out of the Glory of our God and will not be stifled any longer.  A great release of mercy, grace, and truth, but also judgment to those that will not receive the working of My Spirit.  Be sure of what side of the line you are on for it is not a time to be caught in the middle.

My remnant, get ready as I remove what remains of the old and I open what I have prepared for the present.  Ears will now hear and eyes will now see what has been hidden in the past.  I am coming, watch and be ready.

Prophet Steve Walz


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