I Am Raising Up A Standard

I had an encounter with the Lord this afternoon (Friday, 8/22/14) as I got before Him in preparing to take communion. He immediately started speaking so clearly that I knew this needed to be written down. As He spoke the intensity of His passion with instruction and understanding seemed to just pour into me. I’m quite undone by it and just letting the words He spoke settle into my spirit.

I am raising up a standard in this hour as a banner to rally My remnant, even My radical remnant. Those that see shall be many, but those who rally with integrity of heart shall be few. For I say to you, I am looking for a few good men and women who will stay the course, not looking back or looking to the left or right for options. I am looking for those who will rally to My banner and declare, “There is no where else I would rather be. No One else I would ever follow. No King but King Jesus.”

These will be My Revolutionary Remnant who will hear My call, know My heart, and seek My face to receive My strategies of Revolution for this age.

My Revolutionary Remnant shall see My Kingdom purposes clearly and shall not be moved by the taunts of the enemy forces. These shall move with powerful resolve knowing they move out of the strategies of the councils of heaven.

These are those who are no longer chasing assignments, but are just obediently and confidently stepping into assignments.

My Revolutionary Remnant shall move quickly into position at My command as one because the sound of My voice is preeminent within those who rally to My banner.

Those who presume to be what they are not shall be quickly revealed as the fires of battle increase and the demands of this hour intensify. For that which is not integrous through and through wall falter in these days.

Secure your heart. Settle your soul.

Sanctify yourself fully in this hour for soon the activation of My Revolutionary Remnant shall begin in new ways.

[The following came as instructions for those who would see the banner and rally to it:]

* Inspect your heart and fortify your stand before Me.

* Inspect your alignments and assignments

* Secure and strengthen your relational covenants, know that your hearts are clear and your lines of communication are open and free.

* Review your assignments and remove any and all that I reveal so that your movement is unhindered by last season’s work.

* Pick up all that I have placed as assignments for you at this time. Do not shrink back or reject what I clearly have given by assignment for this hour.

* Trust those I have aligned you with to affirm and confirm the assignments of this hour. Move confidently yet without presumption.

* Expect and even anticipate additions and subtractions, multiplications and divisions in this season. For by necessity there are those that must be separated out in order to facilitate addition of others. Even divisions must come to multiply quickly into new arenas and new frontiers. Keep your heart pliable before Me to not resist or hinder what and how I will move in this hour to keep My Righteous Remnant moving in the power of My might.

* Understand that My Revolutionary Remnant is a Righteous Remnant forging ahead as Pioneers and Warriors, Strategists and Builders to prepare and open up the way for a move of My Spirit in the earth that is unprecedented in power and in scope.

My Righteous Revolutionary Remnant has within their very DNA what is needed, so look and be amazed for what I am prepared to launch in this hour many have yearned to see. . . and now is the time.

Rise up, Revolutionary Remnant, rally to My banner and carry the flames of My passion, My power, and My purity to awaken and transform nations to reflect My glory in the earth.

Jacquie Johnson Tyre via Greg Crawford August 23 2014


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