I Shall Make The Lesser The Greater

I am captured by an enormous breath of hope. I have seen great men and women come with their gifting so and insight so strong. I have seen them come I have seen them go! I have seen them come and come and come. I have said as prophet of old “surely this is Gods anointed”! Only to be humbled by His reply, I have not chosen him!! As they have come and stood before line after line gifting on top of gifting a head taller than all the rest, only to find out that God has chosen from among us whose appearance and gifting seem less but whose heart is more. I have heard the faint cry from a distance “the older shall serve the younger” “I shall make the lesser the greater” “I will make a people who were not my people my people” (Romans 9). He’s up to it again the “ole switch a roo”. The Jacob for Esau, the David for Saul the fisherman over the Pharisee the foolish for the wise!!! Oh a child shall lead them I hear Him say. I have seen many anointed and many appointed but not many humble. Something happens in the heart of man if the simplest of humility is not found in a person. Anointing and appointing seem to escalate a man’s flesh if there is flesh to be found. They find themselves magnifying themselves above the assignment given only to come to see after it’s too late that men fade but the assignments do not!! God will get this done even with those who were not His, He will make His. Are you His? Really His? The Remnant is rising!!!

David Kelly August 31 2014


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