In The Flow Of The Spirit

In a meeting of the Body of Christ, everyone has a place. God is directing the prophetic flow of the meeting through the apostolic gifts. Everyone is a part of the flow, and is of the same value to God.

It is a privilege and of the highest honor to carry a word for someone. It releases the prophetic flow of the whole body moving as God gives motivation, knowing what to do and say. That is apostolic, to know how to position people. Just our standing in a place in the room can bring a greater release for someone. Following God’s direction releases us from human ambition, and it becomes totally a God thing.

We have to remember where God has placed us, it is the perfect place. Everything is part of the flow, is of the same value to God. It is all of God. We have to stay in the eternal, to pull ourselves out of the equation.

God always has an intention for the meeting. The corporate man is part of that intention. Everyone has a part, don’t belittle anything He has given you. God takes care of the results. Be confidence in who you are in Christ.


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