Intensifying The Battle

The forces of darkness are intensifying, but so are the forces of light. The darkness might seem to be rolling in and in everything the cloud is getting darker, but My light will burn brighter. Just as a blacksmith uses the wind to fan the flame, so will I fan My flames of light. So each time you reach a new level of opposition, know also that My flame inside of you will be raised to a new level. I tell you this day the bar is raised and so will it be many more times, but you must remember who’s bar has the most notches and that they go to a higher level.

My Holy Ones will take out evil on the earth, there will be a church that will overcome. You are some of the embers that I am using, but My Spirit will fan them into a ferocious flame. Who and what can withstand the seven fold Spirit of God? Just as at the end, works will be burned by fire, so will the works of man be burned before My Holy Ones. Watch as I will bring into account those that deny My Spirit. They will say, could that truly be from the hand of God. There will even be fear and trembling by those that will not reverence My name.

Watch and see around you. Take note and you will see a shift in those that esteem My holiness lightly. There will be a greater separation between what is clean and what is unclean. These things must be, for I wish to inhabit My people in a greater measure. Those that are not consumed by My flame will carry My flame. You will no longer be able to be consumed by My Spirit at the same time you are consumed by the world. Choose this day which master you truly serve, and be not caught off guard that you be serving the wrong master.

Prophet Steven Walz


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