Intercession For Holiness And The Coming Generation

Intercession at Jubilee Kingdom Gathering on February 18, 2015.


For Separation And Holiness

Let there be a marked difference between those pursuing You and those who are not. All grey areas gone, a greater separation between the righteous and those who are not. A time for many to leave their old ways and come into Your new. We cry out for those who make a decision for You. Those who have no intention of moving further, remove them, so that Your houses can be clean. So that communities can rise up again, better than before. You raised great vineyards of joy that spread the gospel around the world. We cry for that again, for this land to raise up those who will teach generations to hold the seven mountains for Your ways.

That their hearts would turn to You, fully recognize You as Father. Love their neighbors as themselves; value themselves, a deeper value. A turning, an increase in productivity in this county alone that will offset all the debt living that has been here. A fruitful plain again, You change the condition of the soil, the hearts of leaders. An increase to send produce to all parts of the world, as it happened in Bolivia.

Young people to get the holiness fire. Those who need spiritual parents to come and be resident here. Becoming a part of raising laborers for this harvest. We pray for many righteous young men and women to come here with their families, and be a part of what we are doing here. Lay down their lives and hear the vision that You have over SE Iowa, distinct from that over the state. Bring all of their talents and skills and giftings here. This new way of new things.

Young People To Come And Join Our Ministry

We are asking for young people who are here already, they are hungry, to hear about Your holy fire. Bring a new mindset, a new language, a different lifestyle. This is on Your heart, let it be so. It is even happening as we are praying. Our faith is in Your substance, not in our own. Come, Lord, according to Your purpose, Your word. Come and let it be, the young people coming out of bondages.

Let our works be of effect, show Yourselves as strengthening those around us. Let there be a growth on the seed we have sown out in the past. Let this be their turning time. As their freedoms are getting smaller and smaller, let them realize that we are a people of liberty and joy. That they would come to be with us. Those who are really hungry to live by Your word.

Show us Your heart towards the new place we are moving into. Show us the land, so we get a feel and a zeal for it. Let us be stirred in our hearts to see this vision and understand what You want for these that are coming. You know what they need, as You did for the Crawfords and the School of Ministry. We know that there is something greater now; You have a larger team here. This new place will be a place of capacity filled to the max, Lord, for all of us.

We pray over witty inventions in process, to support this ministry. Those already here and those to be opened up, so that there are jobs for those coming here. You will make those things to come to fruition, as we are obedient in every day’s work. Prayer for Angie and her home. Protection and grace in warfare.

Young People To Rise Up

Young people will raise their hands and poke into heaven. Reaching to You, Lord, to push this heaviness off. That Your joy will overtake them, they will have a garment of praise. They will realize the importance of praise before You, and raise a holy worship before You. They are sick and tired of seeing things the way they are, giving in to the spirit of heaviness. We pray that they would raise their heads and arms, and not stop, sing and dance before You. They would not stop until this thing has come, we pray it for them. We need them to dance, to sing, to enter into Your worship, fully, not just watching. Worshipping with us, three generations with us here in Fairfield.

Passionate Worship And Prophetic Burden

Let them see that all they need is in third heaven. A baptism of passion, the fire of holiness that consumes the flesh, and the transgressions, sins, iniquity. The fire of passion that comes to consume even that fire. We pray for that consuming fire to overtake their lives. That they would not stand still, but they would run forward to You, in ways no generation has done that before. They will lift up generations into that third heaven. That they would take all the shackles off their lives; take all of the shackles of those generations, come into that place with You. The place of pure worship, and Your fire of passion upon it, God.

Just as we saw those Chinese Christians worship You in that place of abandoned passion, zeal for You, crying out for You, desiring the word of God. And here we have the word of God in our hands, in our homes. We pray that this generation would have a hunger for Your word, the Hoy Spirit as our teacher; that revelations of Christ would come in this hour.

That we would press into Your word, and get something fresh from You daily. I pray for that Young generation, that they would be able to preach from one verse. That they would have a hunger and thirst for You.

Revelation of God’s Fatherhood

It will not be the conviction of sin, but the revelation of Your fatherhood, that will fan the fire. People will awaken o Your fatherhood, they will embrace their function, lay hold of it. The spirit of understanding will come, and they will see themselves. They will encounter You as father, as loving father; they will lift their hand in worship, they will rejoice, rejoice, and rejoice. It will be like a dam bursting.

Prophetic Burden This Night To Come Forth

We will press in; there is something yet to break this night. Your prophetic burden is about to come tonight, something will break this night; that the harvest will come. You are getting us reedy, let Your burden fall tonight, it shall come forward, let it come God, tonight; that we may go into spring and summer strong.

Young Apostles And Prophets, Fivefold Ministry To Rise Up

We need apostles and prophets to lead these harvesting teams, we need the fivefold. Bring them in, Your people who want Your purpose, purpose in life. Let them come, let them hear what is here for them. We pray for our media voice to go out to all different outlets in the days ahead, to be calling these young people in, to let them know there is a need for them here. That God will take care of them if they come, if they just lay everything down, and come and serve Him. Plant their lives in this area, as a lifetime commitment. If they are here, let them not run away, but stay. Let them cry out, so that others can find us. Guide them to us. We pray for special light around this building, spiritual light, so they can find us. Talk to them audibly, go and accost Your young people in this day and hour.

Let them have angelic visitations, as we have had. Talking with angels unawares. Lead, guide, direct them. You have so much better for them, You will provide for them here. This community is changing even now, in preparation for them. You are making a place for them among us. They know there is a place for them, and they are looking for it.

Come To A Higher Place

We cut off the human reasoning that is stopping them. We pray that they would be tired of their own thoughts, wanting Your thoughts and intentions. That the hunger to get Your will and Your ways and Your mind would just come to them. Come away to the higher place, come away, come away (song of the Lord). Come up higher, come up higher.

A New Place To Raise A New Generation

As we call them to get established here, we need to go first. We need a place where we can put down our roots, where we hold on, and claim for ourselves. This is our place, and here we are standing and here we are holding ground. And here we are going to raise up a new generation, a tower of intercession and a tower of teaching. And this is our place, and here we will stay and we will not be moved. Show us that new place where we will put down our roots.

Against The Spirit Of Suicide, We Are Watching Over Lives

I sense the spirit of suicide is coming against someone that is meant to be part of us. We come against that spirit of suicide, and we say it cannot touch that one. That one is a key person in this community. Come, Holy Spirit, come, spirit of hope, of courage.

We rebuke You spirit, by the name of the Lord. The Lord rebuke You. (Declarations against the spirit of suicide). Be gone in the name of the Lord. We stand for that one, the war of life and death is on tonight. We say, life, You will reign in this one. They will see that light for one, and it is broken once for all. Those dreams and hopes are not dead, they are coming to life. The Lord sends his holy spirit to water Your hopes and dreams. Reveal Yourself, Lord Jesus, to such one who needs a vision of You, Lord Jesus, a dream from You.

We pry for any single root of bitterness, take that root out. We say You will yield. We stand against any unforgiveness, despair. Remove all that toxic earth around that root ball, Lord, and remove that root.

Lord, we set a commanding post. We call for You, Lord, to set a commanding post around this whole region and people in this region, against the spirit of suicide. It cannot come into the district that You have given to us; it cannot take lives any more. They have no right to be here. Angels of glorious light coming forth, they point the way to You, Lord.

We cast out the whispering, murmuring voices of sorcerers. The Lord has set us to rule and reign and watch over these lives, and we give an account for every head. We give an account for every life, the books are open. We have watched this night over these lives, we have watched for You, Lord. We know they are precious to You, and so we have bound and cast out those that would try to take them out.

Intercession, Prophecy

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