Intercession For The Community, February 11, 2015

Intercession for the community of Fairfield, Iowa and the SE region on February 11, 2015.

Release Your Heart

Release your prophetic burden, new doors of utterance; let us be in tune with your musical dimension. Release your heart, your intentions for this state, region, community. We thank for what you are doing in this season, a huge transition in your people. Your sons and daughters are manifesting. You are changing hearts, confronting hearts in this time.

Your Answers Are Coming

Thank you for the call into your holy mountain, city, temple, presence before your throne. You are asking, are we willing to pay the price. We are pressing in, in this time of fasting and prayer, we are reaching great heights. There are multitudes in this area which need to meet with you. We cry out for more Christ-likeness, glory to glory. We press into the fullness of your faith, your heart.

This is a harder fast than others, because there is a greater course to be run. We want to open a greater mystery, a greater revelation. We come against the spirit of heaviness, apathy in this community. We must have a deeper revelation of your joy. You are joy, our great reward. We want the full capacity for you, no other god. Let your light come, this community is not impossible, your answers are coming. For the children, the young ones. We pray that superstitions of this area let go. God has answers for you, words for you. Your love for them is greater than the things that are against you. Your compassion goes beyond, until they are broken, a place of trust.

Seek And Ye Shall Find

About awakening, the Lord spoke to me, seek and ye shall find. We pray for an awakening like never before. Open the hearts of people, eyes, souls. Awakening in our state, nation, for our leaders. To affect the nation and the world around us. Going deeper in you, take us into that deeper place, help us to sacrifice. Take us into unity together, caring about each other.

Wake Us Up

Ask for a fresh release of your spirit, a contending spirit of faith. Teach us again to pray, fast, contend. How to use new tools, gifts that you promised for this season. Fresh faith to partner with your promises. The spirit of wisdom and revelation, to go deeper into you, into your kingdom. Awaken everything within us, fully awakened to you. Wake us up in prayer, intercession, a fresh sprit of intercession, awake in the spirit, beyond feelings. Help us to stay engaged, focused. Release the spirit of prophecy. The Lord said in intercession: remember the assignment, the instructions, the promises. We don’t need a fresh word, we need to remember. Breath on us again, the breath of God. A fresh burden. Lightening can strike twice, we strike the ground in Fairfield again and again. Open up the wells of your kingdom. Release light that drives out darkness. Men and women in this room will become pillars in your Kingdom. Build your house, Lord.

Baptism Of Passion

We call for a baptism of passion, passion from our heart, that will not relent, passion for you, Father, passion for the Lord. To see the young generation rise up, that they may come to know you, as their Father, the One guiding them and watching over their lives. To know you as the true shepherd. Father, let passion transform the entire state, no longer a place of mourning, but a place of rejoicing, of life abundantly. Of lives that bear abundant fruit.

We Call Them In

We agree that the lay lines of darkness are closed up. The dark ways of men are closed tonight. Let those in need find a lit, warm place, doors be opened tonight. We call them in, Holy Spirit accost them as they are driving by, walking by. Let us be known as an inn of hospitality. Let our lives be a shining light. We ask for that drawing and wooing. It is by you, not by us. We thank you for being there, walking with us, talking with us. Open up the doors of utterance again, walking us to divine appointments. We thank you, and we will not miss them. Stir us deeper, to be more persistent, enduring. Going out, opening up prayer for those yearning for answers. Thank your for open hearts, words of prayer that speak deeply into their hearts.

The Greater Is Here

God, we thank you for your presence that will be in this time in unprecedented measures. The greater is here. And we will set up our tent in the spring, and people will be drawn to your presence, and healing virtue will flow, many souls will be saved. And the darkness will come off people’s lives, and the chains that hold children bound. We proclaim these things here in Fairfield, a sustaining move of your presence. Awakening, to quickly change peoples hearts, and they will stay in that place. You are bringing your children in, by the droves. We believe it, let your light so shine. We war for the scroll to be opened over this state, let it be opened in this season. Revelations of you shall unfold, going forth to the nations. Open up the doors for your voice to be released.

In this time of seeking and finding, you are the great seeker. You are seeking men’s hearts. Let you light shine into hearts like never before, like never before. Men will have to respond, there is no hiding.

Open Doors For A Growing Community

We pray for open doors into business, government, open hearts. That our tongues and hearts would be loosed. We pray for our school children, that they would press forward, the teachers press forward, for righteousness. Move in the homes, fathers to watch and pray over their children and families. Let the parents rise up, going to school board meetings, throwing off lies. That they would have a heart for their community.

Our community is not shrinking, it is growing. We will not cut back, but look ahead. Businesses will come to our community. We declare great growth. We see the death of the dead things. If all the sports have to go by the way side, let it be so. There are great skills in this community. People will be paid their true value, a well paid community. Our dollars will stay local, as an investment in your word. Throw off the greed, there is no price to high for building this community. If we invest time, you will return the time. Make things faster and better. We press on into the lives of the young people, with a heart of compassion. Keep increasing, bring us more, as we are faithful. I pray that we would set the pace for communities all around us. You are proving yourself over and over again.

In this time, we are almost consumed with you, let it be so, let us lay aside every fear. You are doing a transforming work within us, as we hold the tension in the silence. We will not shy away from the silent times, even with other people, so that something can grow.

Intercession, Prophecy

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