02 Dutch Sheets October 27 2003

Transcribed from the Fifty State Tour

And the revelation that begins to flow for here is not just for here, but it’s going to influence the nation and the nations, Isn’t it amazing, that in little, old, tucked away, Iowa , where nobody would think a whole lot about it, God starts saying, “I’M going to shift what’s happening in the Middle East and Iraq from the cornfields of Iowa .“ I mean, go figure… Just go figure… But that’s what HE said. Either we receive the prophetic word and believe it, or we’re just gonna trash it. But that’s what HE said. Something is going to happen here that is going to shift things clear over there.

Now, I didn’t even associate that thought with what HE said to me today until just now. “I’M about to open the heavens over Iowa . . .“ And I’m tellin’ you that much of this has to do with revelation. When revelation begins to open… when the heavens open in this way, EVERYTHING changes! I’m talkin’ EVERYTHING CHANGES!

“It all revolves around revelation,” because that is the beginning point. We are going to change the heavenlies over Iowa, because we are moving into a new place of revelation. I want to say this to you, and Chuck touched on this, there is a facet of the prophetic anointing of the LORD that is operating here in Iowa. There is another dimension of the prophetic that you have not yet broken through, but we’re gonna do some things in the Spirit to help break this state loose into the prophetic realm of the anointing.

What God is saying to us, and for this state, right now, is, “1 want to shift things, so that Words from the LORD become prevalent, and there is great break-through in the realm of revelation.

The prophetic anointing of MY Spirit.., the prophetic anointing of Christ begins to break loose, across this region, to where the Word of the LORD begins to flow like a river. The heavens and the Book are opened.”

“Revelation is about to break through into Iowa that is going to change,” the LORD said, “the very earth.” It’s going to change the nation. HE said, “You are going to feed the nation revelation.” HE said, “You are going to even feed it into the Middle East , and Iraq is going to change because of decrees from Iowa .I AM about to open the heavens over Iowa The “Bread of Heaven” is going to be released in a new way to feed the people of God.” We say that the prophetic anointing of God is now being released over Iowa in a way that it’s never been released before. We lay hands, as it were, on this region. And we say, “Come forth, anointing of Jesus!” Come forth, anointing of the prophet! Come forth, prophetic insight and revelation! Come forth, opening of the Scriptures! Come forth! Come forth! Come forth!

And signs and wonders are going to begin to take place on the [school] campuses of Iowa – at the high schools and junior high schools and the college campuses. The LORD says, “I AM inviting them with a Spirit of revelation and the miraculous signs and wonders. The signs and wonders will get their attention. The veil will lift, and I will bring revelation to them. And what you could not do in decades [on your own], I AM going to do in a day.”

The LORD says, “It’ll be even upon those who are bound by tradition, lifelessness, and religious spirits.” The LORD says, “I AM coming to break that off of this state, and Iowa will be known as a wild place in the Spirit a radical place of revolutionary warriors, who move in radical zeal and boldness.

And right then, the full anointing shall break orth from the plains of Iowa. The fire of MY Spirit is going to begin to burn through the dross, to colorize wounds and heal [the hurts]. It’s going to heal, not only physical and emotional wounds, but the Body of Christ is going to be healed in [awesome] ways… There is coming a Spirit of healing, harmony, and unity that is going to be by the fire of MY Spirit, because I AM no longer going to be persuasive and speaking in ways that try to woo MY people into this, but,” the LORD says, “I AM coming with a Holy Fire that is going to literally burn down walls that have separated and divided! And I AM coming with Holy Fire and passion [to] break into MY Church, even in places that they have not asked ME to. I’M going to do it anyway. I’M gonna move in and crash through walls and barriers. I’M going to lift fatigue and weariness off of MY people. MY leaders are going to be filled with fresh zeal, fresh fire, and fresh oil from MY Spirit.” The LORD says, “As this Spirit of revelation begins to move in and among you, do not be surprised when I interrupt your gatherings with visions.” I even see this. I see young children three, four, five, six years old, and upward — moving into meetings where the adults are and saying, “I have just had a vision from God.” And they will take over the meeting to share the vision that they have seen. “People will run for salvation, and deliverance will begin to take place as the children speak,” the LORD says, “because I will give them revelation from heaven. And they will not argue with ME. They will say what I say, and they will say what I show them.”

The LORD says, “This move of MY Spirit will not be built around the abilities of man. This move of MY Spirit will be built around ME and ME alone! This move of MY Spirit will require a [greater] level of humility.” The LORD says, “I AM going to cause you to put your faces to the ground and cry out to ME in humility and lowliness of heart — [to] know your need of God and revelation. You’re going to have to acknowledge that you do not have the insight and the abilities to do this on your own.” The LORD says, “You must be willing to acknowledge your failures and the plans of man that have fallen and [been] caused [or] inspired by demonic forces,” the LORD says, “that have infiltrated through these things. But if you will humble yourself with a new spirit of humility and dependency, I AM going to react to that very quickly.” The LORD says, “I AM going to move in quickly with a Spirit of grace and mercy and revelation And I will show you how to turn years and decades around that the worms and the locusts have destroyed. I will come in MY great mercy and show you how to turn it around. And

it will not take the same amount of time that it took for the enemy to do it [as it has been done in the past]. I will come and bring a Spirit of expediency upon it.” The LORD says, “I will show you how to do it very quickly, but it will require great humility.” The LORD says, “I say to you, ‘You do not know how to do what I want you to do.’ You do not have the understanding within yourself. You must lean upon ME! And you must look to MY Spirit to give you the plan. I say to you, ‘I give you a promise.” The LORD says, “If you will do this, I will come. I say to you, ‘I will come!’ I will rend the heavens. I will come to you! I will change [you]. And you will see that for which you cried.., that for which you have wept. I say, ‘Then you will call your sons and daughters from afar, and they will come.’ I say [that] your words will begin to penetrate. And when you prophesy to the north, south, east, or west to give them up, I say, this time they will come. And I say that when I send you this time to the demonic strongholds of darkness, and you prophesy MY Word, they will fall. And you will break through,” the LORD says.