03 Chuck Pierce October 27 2003

Transcribed from Fifty State Tour

“The corn-belt states are going to rise up and learn a new way of releasing.” [Here] in Iowa, in the days ahead, you are about to be broken open in a way like never before.

There’s one more verse I want to give you before Pastor Dutch comes. And it’s out of Micah. It’s a verse God gave me, for us, as we came here. Micah, chapter 4, verse 10. I believe it’s a promise for us here. Verse 9 and 10… and I felt like it was very specific for Iowa.

“Now, why do you cry aloud? Is there no king in your midst? Has your counselor perished? For pains have seized you like a woman in labor. Be in pain and labor to bring forth, 0 daughter of Zion, like a woman in birth pangs. For now, you shall go forth from the city. You shall dwell in the field.”

And the LORD also said this to me: “When you come to Iowa, you’re going to pray for Iraq. And from Iowa, there will be a shift in Iraq that [will] begin to come as [you] stand and pray.” HE said, “Once you get to the field, then from the field, go to Babylon and declare that [which] is still working in evil in the midst of that nation. There will be a supernatural shift. The Church will rise up. Harvest work will began to take place. Supplies will be released from Iowa, beginning in the field, [and] Babylon will start changing.” And the LORD would say to you, “The birth pains will begin here in Iowa. I say, even the birth pains, for the course that this nation will take, will now begin. [However,] I say to you that you have a voice, but your voice is not resounding and being heard the way that I would have it heard. You have revelation, but you’re not communicating your revelation. You have supply, but you’re not [taking advantage of your supply. So I would say [that] I AM starting the birth pains here in Iowa, for the future,” saith the LORD. “I say, begin to pray for the harvesters to arise from Iowa. And as you pray for the harvesters to arise, in four months, you will see the harvest in a new way. For I AM releasing a plan in this state [to] cause [this] harvest to be seen. And it will even be traced back into this state,” saith the LORD. “And I would say [that] from this state, Babylon will begin to change. For I will [make] a supernatural connection from the cornfields, the supply from this state that will change the course of the Church in Iraq,” saith the LORD. “I say, do not look at the confusion that is going on in that land. For, here in Iowa, you will have a supernatural authority to defeat Babylon in [the] days ahead.”