04 Dutch Sheets October 28 2003

Transcribed from Fifty State Tour

“What are YOU saying about Jericho to Iowa? And what are YOU saying about Ruth?” We’re going to see the fullness of [an] open heaven and all that [this] means. We’re going to change the atmosphere [over] Iowa . This is [based on] faith, but it’s also [based on] a Word from YOU, [LORD]. [Therefore,] we are laying hold of it, and we are going to see things change, [because of it]. Now help us today, LORD, as we speak about this, to say what needs to be said and move away from anything that is not from YOU. [Father,] help us to think with the mind of Christ and hear the [spoken] Word of the LORD. Thank YOU, LORD, for awakening [the] sleeping ones and replacing sleep with revelation. Thank YOU for doing it here as a first fruits for what is coming to the nation, because much of America is a sleep. LORD, let this be a true awakening. In fact, let a great awakening come to Iowa [and] to this [entire] nation. [Let it be] a great awakening… [Therefore, by faith,] we say [that] a great awakening is coming. Thank YOU, LORD. And what a great place… to let it begin here… Amen.

Jericho is all about transitioning into the new. And so, if God is saying, “Jericho ,“ and [you need to] think “Jericho “ when you think [about] Iowa right now, then HE is definitely saying, “New…” HE is saying, “Transition into the new.” He’s saying, “There is a shift that [will be]taking place, and the wandering [will be]! I ending… The wilderness thing is ending, and it’s time [for you] to move into [your] inheritance.” And I think you can sense that. Jericho is all about new beginnings.

[And Chuck] talked about a Spirit of revelation [here in this state] that would touch the nation and the nations. That’s very profound to me.

But God has HIS interesting way of doing things. And HE says, “Right out of Iowa, I’M going to bring forth revelation.”

“There’s something happening here that is a new beginning. It’s a first fruits of what I’M gonna do elsewhere.”

Because, if God is comparing this state to Jericho, [then] one of the things [that] HE [is] saying [to us] is that HE wants to begin bringing forth covenantal blessings from this state.

[Now, in all this,] what is God saying to Iowa? He’s saying, “I’M going to cleanse [you]. I’M going to purge out [the] evil [from your midst].

I’M going to bring judgment to all that opposes ME; all of the idolatry, all of the carnality, all of the evil not people — He’s not after people! He’s after demonic strongholds! He’s after the works of darkness! And He’s gonna say, “I’M gonna destroy it, I’M gonna bury it, and I’M gonna pull out that which is holy unto ME and raise up, as a covenantal offering unto ME, the holy and pure people of Iowa! I’M gonna set them apart unto ME and make them the first fruits, holy unto ME, blessed, MY treasure, MY harem!”

HE [hasn’t] said that to any other state, by the way. I’ve not said that anywhere else we’ve been. Don’t get the idea [that] we get this hot, fresh, wild teaching and then just go sprinkle it everywhere. This is special! This is very special! This very word should be treated as holy!

HE said, “I’M taking back MY earth!” Iowa

“And I’M going to arouse, from here, the sleep. Revelation is gonna flow out of Iowa that awakens people in the nation and the nations of the earth. It’s MY covenantal heartland.”

What’s HE saying to you, Iowa ? You better think about this one. Jubilee – the Christ – liberty – freedom – restoration – [the] oppressed goin’ free – [the] broken-hearted healed – restoration of the Land – curses broken – bridal intimacy – separation unto HIM – harem – Iowa…

I think, by calling this place “Jubilee”, HE was saying, “This city of sevens, you are giving to ME, is all about covenant and seven-ing yourselves, one to another. So you’re gonna give ME the spoils, but I’M gonna give you Jubilee and all the [rest of the] Land. You have sevened yourself to ME. You entered into an oath when you gave ME the inheritance, the spoils, that which was [already] MINE; you sevened yourself with an oath and gave ME the offering.”

And now He’s saying, “I’M gonna seven MYSELF to you, and I’M promising you Jubilee. I’M promising you to give you this Land [Israel

  1. I’M promising you that I’M freeing you once and for all from your slavery and oppression. And I’M going to give you this Land [of Israel] once and for all; it belongs to you.

I just heard the LORD say, “It’s Jericho where you’re going.”

Now, in keeping with this Jubilee thing, in this type of Christ, what a lot of people don’t think about — they just don’t realize — [that] Boaz was born from Rahab. Rahab [a prostitute from Jericho J was taken by a man in Israel, married into the Abrahamic line — the Covenantal family, she married Salmon. [Then] Salmon and Rahab had Boaz.

So, here we go again. He’s pulling [out] the redeemer kinsman, [the one] who would buy back the Land or take one who was widowed and marry her, [in order to] bring forth offspring. The whole picture of the redeemer kinsman, which was a picture of Christ, came out of Rahab, in Jericho.

#5) So flow, we’re [up] to Ruth! ‘Cause the book of Ruth was borne out of Jericho! So I” say to the LORD, “Alright, help me with this prophet who’s given me this assignment, Jericho and Ruth; what’s the connection?” I never thought about it before, so I started studyin’. EARLY, this morning, I started studyin’!… NOT sleeping in! And it finally hits, and I go, “DUH!… Boaz from Rahab!…” So the whole story of Ruth, then, springs out of Jericho.

And now we’re to this thing that he kept saying, “I see the bread thing.” Now, [speaking to Chuck Pierce,] you may have to come up and tell me what you were seeing. But he kept saying, the four corners, and like Ruth gleaned from the corners of the field, something happening in the four corners of Iowa, moving to the center. And then he starts prophesying about feeding the nation, the bread of heaven, the revelation, and

I’m sayin’, “Alright, LORD, put this together for me.”

He’s saying, “You are gleaners. You are going to bring forth from the earth in the same way as Ruth and Boaz. It wasn’t just about feeding bread to people, it’s about picturing something else. It’s all about the Bread of Heaven. [God is saying,] “I’m trying to paint a picture in this book that I’M bringing forth the Bread of Life, from the field of Boaz, in Bethlehem.” And He’s saying, “From Iowa, I want to feed the nations of the earth, and not just physical food, but the Bread of Heaven! I want you to glean, from the four corners — and then the center — of this state, the wealth of Heaven! And I want you to export it to the nations, so I can awaken a people! So I can bring forth MY Covenant! So I can bring Jubilee into the Land and let the oppressed go free — to set at liberty the broken and the bruised. I want to restore! I want to let the captives go free! I want somebody to run throughout the land and say, ‘FREEDOM! LIBERTY !“ Ring the bell of freedom.

You know what? I think Jericho , the most fortified city, becomes a place of provision. He’s saying, “Out of the greatest of your enemies, I’M gonna bring your Provision. Out of your greatest enemies, I’M gonna bring forth something of Christ. I’ll transform everything [your enemy] tries to oppress you, destroy you, and keep you from [receiving] your inheritance. I’ll show you MY Seed in it. And I’ll show you how I want to redeem it and bring forth the riches of your inheritance.”

I’m saying to you, “You’ve come to the fullness of time.” You have come to a fullness of time. Do not miss this! There is a window of opportunity [which] HE has opened for you. Do not miss this Iowa . You have come to a fullness of time.

You must go all the way now! You must push! You have come to transition. You must spring to birth. You must! There are enough of you to do this. You do not need a majority. You just need what you have. There are plenty of you that know how to do this. Go to the four corners and worship. Go to the four corners and decree. Go to the four corners and point to the middle of this state.

God said to me, when I walked into my hotel room yesterday, “I AM about to uncover the darkness. I AM about to expose the darkness over this state, the deceit, and the sin. HE will expose these strongholds that Chuck was talkin’ about when I walked in [here] this morning. [Chuck was talking about] something in these cornfields of Iowa ; there is evil there. But I’m tellin’ ya, just like there are strongholds over this state — and they’re over all the states, God is going to show you how to deal with that quickly, because you are in a fullness of time. [God says,] “Your sons and daughters are comin’ home. The prodigals are comin’ home. I’M gonna take care of everything.” And HE [will] dislodge things, ‘cause it’s a fullness of time. I’m tellin’ ya it is.

I expect governmental changes in Iowa ! And I mean natural government. And I don’t even know enough about it to know what needs to happen, but I’m tellin’ you right now, that’s what I just heard in my spirit; expect governmental changes! In fact, expect some radical things that nobody [has] anticipated.

What is [God] saying to Iowa about that? He’s saying, “It’s the fullness of time, and it’s time for you to come into [your] fullness.” It’s a fullness of time, but it’s time to [also] come into fullness. And as you come into fullness, you’re coming into a fullness of anointing. You know, you can preach. You can minister. You can do something, and you can do it at a certain level. Then, [as you exercise the anointing given to you,] God moves you to a higher level of anointing. [Once HE has accomplished this in you, then] you [will] do the same thing, say the same thing, and pray the same thing, and it [will] bear more fruit and accomplish ten times as much. [And, all the while,] you didn’t change a thing. You didn’t change any of your delivery [or] pray any differently.

So, what He’s saying to you is, “Come up higher! Come into the fullness of the Christ anointing. Be an apostolic state! Be a prophetic state! Come fully into your prophetic anointing! Go into the heavenlies and break through! Prepare the way for others! Go to another [higher] level of the prophetic mantle [and] enter into the fullness of it. Move into the fullness of evangelism into the fullness of pastoring and teaching. Move into the fullness of the Christ anointing.

And I say to Iowa, come into the fullness of your reward. Glean from the four corners all that God has for you. Go and take back the spoils that HE has promised you. Go to the four corners of the state and say, “This is now separated unto God. It is holy unto HIM. This state is part of HIS harem. It’s a part of HIS first fruits offering. We swear an oath to HIM that all of Iowa belongs to HIM. It’s HIS inheritance. No one else can have any of it. We’ve kicked all the Achans out of this state.” We say that no one will steal HIS inheritance in Iowa. No one can have HIS inheritance. Jericho belongs to HIM. Iowa belongs to HIM. The state belongs to HIM.