05 Chuck Pierce October 28 2003

Transcribed from the Fifty State Tour

I could look down and see the state and various things goin’ on within the state. Around Des Moines, there’s this big circle of darkness. I don’t know how to say it nicely, and yet, know that you’re encircled by darkness. There is an occult force that has access into these cornfields.

Now, Iowa, get ready; the prophetic anointing’s gonna get dropped on you. It has to get dropped on ya, because there’s a lot of occult spirits in your midst. And that tells me [that] you’re a supernatural state and a supernatural people. You gotta become [a] supernatural people. There’s a veil over the northeast [portion of Iowa]. God wants that veil lifted, because that means [that] there’s great revelation [that] HE wants to bring into the northeast [corner of the state]. But there’s a veil holding it. Something [is either] in the atmosphere or in the land, whether it be bloodshed or covenant breaking. There [are] four things to look at: bloodshed, covenant-breaking, idolatry, or immorality. [If one or more of these things] has occurred, [then it] has affected the land. And it’s caused the land to be veiled. Therefore, God’s purposes are not breaking forth. And, for God to show us that veil, that means HE wants us to break [through with] HIS purposes and rip the veil off.

Now, that veil, [in] some way, is linked to a darker system that is around Des Moines. So there’s something originating [from] there that’s linked into this city as a networking hub. And you’re [probably thinking], “How in the world is he saying this?” Well, we live in the heavenlies. I don’t live down here on earth… I don’t… I want to walk in the earth realm, but I want to live in the heavenlies. I wanna see from the heavenlies. I wanna war from the heavenlies.

The heavens have already opened up and started declaring over Iowa what needs to be day by day, declaring what needs to be declared over Iowa. But some way or another, we [need] to have people down here [who will] come into agreement with it and start echoing it back. And then you’ll start seeing this manifestation of what the heavens are declaring. That’s the Lord’s Prayer.

And in these cornfield states, I feel like God’s putting an anointing on you to set a course that no one else can set for our nation. You’re farmers… You’re called to get up early… It’s part of the inheritance of these states. And so, you have the authority to come into agreement with God and set a whole course for this nation.

here’s] a big circle of death around Des Moines. [And there’s] so much death down in the southeast corner [of the state] that it’s causing weeping to occur. God says, “You weep over that [which] you’ve allowed into the corner of this state.” And there’s a darkness up in the northeast corner that’s causing a connection of this [circle around Des Moines] to stay in place.