07 Greg Crawford June 10 2006 – A New Season in Iowa

There is a new sound that is coming, like as they blew the trumpet in Lev. 25 and released Jubilee upon the land. The trumpet is going to sound in Des Moines, there is going to be something released in the land in the state of Iowa. There is going to be a liberty and freedom that is coming that has never been before. Because this is the time and season. There is a sound even the dry bones are going to live again. There was a voice, there was a calling out, there was coming forth, with something that was spoken. There was a sound that caused them to come together. There is a sound that is going to be released, that is going to cause a coming together in Des Moines. There is a coming together. There is a sound that is coming, that is going to release the sound of a trumpet in the land, and it is going to release freedom from captivity. There is going to be a turning, a great turning, even in Cedar Rapids. Apostles and prophets are coming forth. They are going to be restored. Some are going to be restored in that season, in that moment. They are coming. This is a new season upon the Church. It is upon us. The seventh month and the tenth day a trumpet is sounding from heaven. The sound will be released in five days. It will take five days to process the word of the Lord. It will be released in Des Moines and it will go through the state. It is the fire that others have seen in times past going across the prairie. There is a fire coming. It is coming down off the mount. The completeness of all things.

We decree God tonight a sound from heaven. A sound, a rallying call. A trumpet. That you would put in the hearts of leaders that they would rally as one. As one voice in this hour and season. With one purpose of heart you are going to divide the two kingdoms.

The idols are coming down. The four are coming down. The four things are going to be revealed. A prophet is going to speak to it. A new season is upon you. The Josephs are coming out of the cave. They are coming out. The Davids are coming out. It is a season of deliverance in the land. The deliverance is coming. The deliverance of imprisonment. They are coming out of the cave and into the promotion. They’re going to speak to kings. They are going to stand before great and mighty leaders. You must decree. This is the year of sevens. It is a joining of Davids and Josephs. A joining of the Ephraim’s and the Judahs. Two sticks becoming one. Two covenants being one. Two offices being one. A release of all things.

Indebtedness off the Church. Release of bondage off the Church. The restoration of things, of families and lives.