09 Iowa Alliance for Reformation Meeting February 27 2007

Fire is coming to the campuses of Iowa.

The shift will come when the trumpet of gathering has ended over the state. At this time, all the brethren who have been called will come. Angels will be seen in the night sky over Iowa and they will resemble fireflies. They will be fiery ones lighting up the vials and releasing a residue in the night. There is famine in the land and it is a famine of manna. Intercessors are to be face down while famine is in the land. There must be repentance for the structures men have created and the programs they have made. They have nothing. They are whitewashed tombs. You do not see what I see. A season of travail will cost you in tears and mourning. Do you not see what grieves my heart? The angels will carry vials of blessings to make it through the temporary season.