10 Greg Crawford June 5 2008 – Word for Iowa

Even as my son David could not build my house because he fell into sin, it was the spirit of Saul that influenced him. All he could do was prepare for the building but he could not build what I wanted to build. And many leaders are in that same place. It is not because they have fallen into sin, it is because they allow the spirit of Saul to influence them. So they have only been able to prepare for the building and have not been able to build.

But I say I am about to raise the sons and daughters and the offspring, and they shall build my house. And even as you have been fighting and in this war with Saul for seven years, I say I shall begin to build My house for seven years in this state, like My son David did and My son Solomon did. And My house shall be built according to My pattern. There shall be a building of My house in this state over the next seven years. And the splendor of it shall begin to be increased, and the glory of it shall be known.

I say at the end of the seven years men and women will come to this state to seek My presence and My glory. And My wisdom shall begin to flow into their hearts. I say do not just begin to build for the moment that you are living in, but build for the future of what you shall become. I say I’m building something in this hour, and I am laying the foundations once again in My house. The cornerstone has been laid and the foundations to homes are now being set. And I am about to raise something of My presence within your very lives, and you have to fit into what I am building in this hour.

For I say the spirit of Saul has been put off. You have put it off of your lives. You have not allowed it to influence you. Some have allowed it to come and have walked away, and fallen back. But I say this is the hour, for much preparation has occurred in my leaders. They have prepared much, but cannot build anything. They have put aside, but cannot see the pattern.

I say I am about to release a pattern into My sons and daughters and they shall build for My glory and not for their own glory. They shall build for My presence and not for My blessing to be upon their life. They shall build what I have prepared and laid in place. They shall understand how to fit it skillfully and fit it lively into place and lovingly into place. And they shall understand the pattern, not seeing the finish. They shall know they are building what I have declared. They shall understand there is a pattern that has come down.

And I say for seven years, for seven years, mark for seven years My splendor shall be becoming more and more evident and My glory shall become more and more evident. Even like Solomon built, you shall build visitation, a habitation, a dwelling place for My presence to come. And this state shall feel it. This nation shall know it. I say what I am building many will run into, many will come, many will come, many will come, many will come, and the words of My prophets shall be fulfilled. And this state will double in population, it will triple in population. For they will come to see My glory, to see My glory, see My glory!