11 From Cindy Jacobs “Arise Iowa” – Morning Session Prophecy

“Iowa is called to change world affairs.” This is a tipping point time, where God wants to throw this state into a massive move of God. You’re just on the verge. I could almost say the birth pangs of revival.

I was thinking about these roots of reformation, and what I feel is this place is where God wants to light a great fire of reformation. He said, “They’re an Issachar state,”

The state is going to grow and double in population in the next few years, because God is going to bring in… there’s going to be new companies moving in, there’s going to be whole new cities built. The Lord shows me that the flight that has happened in Iowa will be reversed. And it’s not going to hurt the farming. The Lord has shown me that He’s going to balance this all out, because He loves the land.

For the Lord says, “Iowa shall be a state of visitation… Iowa shall come into a state of visitation,” says the Lord. Not only have you been visited by the politicians and the politicos, but the Lord says, “You’re going to be visited by Me,” says the Lord. “You’re going to be visited by My power,” says God. “Iowa will be a state of miracles,” says God. The Lord says, “I am going to pour out signs and wonders upon this state,” says the Holy Spirit. “I am going to do wonders, not only are there going to be physical manifestations and bodies, but I’m going to do wonders in the heavens, creative miracles. I am the God of creation, and I never stopped being the God of creation,” says the Lord. So you’re going to see, just as in Almalonga, Guatemala, there were giant vegetables, “I am going to begin to kiss and bless the land here like the Garden of Eden,” and the Lord says, “I am going to bless the produce.” And God says, “Award winning vegetables.” God says, “I am going to begin to give the increase, the curse is being broken off the land,” says God. And God says, “ I am going to release,” and I don’t know what’s in the very north, but the Lord says, “There’s a fire in the north, there’s fire in the north. I am going to pour down from the north,” says the Lord, “and I am going to visit the frozen places with my fire,” says the Lord, “and I am going to begin to heat up this state,” says God, “and I am going to visit the Lutheran churches, look and see, for the fire of reformation will once again burn in My German people,” says the Lord. And the Lord says, “The fire of the Holy Spirit is going to come, for I am going to light up this place with My northern lights. I am going to release My glory,” says God.

“And I am going to cause 24/7 prayer houses to spring up. Look to the University of Iowa,” says God, “for I am coming for a great visitation. I am going to shift it from the left to the right. For I am coming in a major shift, for this is a tipping point time,” says God, “I am getting ready to tip it”, says the Lord. And the Lord says, “And not only that, you’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg of what I am getting ready to do because,” the Lord says, “come let us go onto the mountain of the Lord. I am getting ready to release the nations to flow into Iowa.” God says, “New airports… there will be airport expansions. You’re going to see new things,” says God. I’m going to put this on the tape, “And the population will double,” God says. “Get ready Iowans, buy land, buy land, buy land, buy land before the prices shoot up! Buy in Iowa!” says God, “Buy in those places that everybody moved out of because I’m getting ready to move in!” says the Lord. Amen.

This state is a command post for understanding prophetic intelligence that will change the nations of the earth.

You’ll actually be bi-vocational. You’re going to see more and more pastors that God is going to anoint them. They’ll have a marketplace anointing, as well as an anointing to preach. And you’re going to see both of this happening. But one of the other words that God gave us for ‘08 is that you’re going to be able to work less and make more.

There’s a generation of young seers arising that are like nothing we have ever known. And the children and the youth of this state are seers… This young guy got up on the table in the cafeteria, Lou told me this story, and just started preaching and preaching, and a teacher pulled him off the lunch table. And a girl got up in his place and she started preaching and preaching, and they called the principal. And he pulled her down, and then another kid jumped up, and it’s like they couldn’t stop them. But you know what stopped the move of God, was the parents.

Iowa is a Daniel and a Joseph state, which is under the purview of Issachar. And I just mean that I feel that they’re all connected together. So Daniels and Josephs, you’re’ governmental, but you have a Joseph anointing. So what you’re going to see one day, and I’ve not prophesied this in any other state, is that there will be a national poll taken, and the number of entrepreneurs, and new business startups that come from Iowa will exceed all the other states.

You are Cyruses, and you have just known that there was oil under the ground. But the Lord shows me that there’s some of you that God is going to show you where that oil is. So Father, we call forth the oil that has been. . . oh, no, it’s gasoline. . . the petroleum, that’s what it is. . . petroleum resources that are under the ground. Something to do with the northeastern part of this state. Lord, in the name of Jesus, we call in these reserves that are reserved until the end-times.