21 Darrin Begley May 2015

God is extending your boundaries. Especially in the prophetic decrees that are coming shall have such accuracy, not just for Iowa but for other states because you are beginning to connect. It will become so precise, you will have to put it into the hands of the ones who will know what to do with it and how to release it. God says the accuracy it will have will be at another level. He’s going to show you things and it will have a supernatural manifestation. It’s going to be so accurate. It is not just for Iowa. As you position yourself I will show you the state and speak specifically, and you see how it supernaturally connects back to Iowa and the center in which God has you in. God’s plan for Iowa is no mixture, I have put you together because there is no mixture, You have a pure heart and I can trust you with the resources I am releasing to you. Not only for your state but others. You connect, there is a reason you are in the middle, you’re going to be amazed at how all four directions will connect. You’re going to connect different states and relationships. It’s going to help break open the apostolic dimension that God has for this nation. Understand how important you are. You cannot pull back because you are vital to the nation. Do not allow the enemy to allow you to be pulled backward. Realize your value.