23 Marty Gabler June 2015 – Iowa Crossing the Borders

There is a move of God in His righteous concern for elementary students next year in this state. An intervention. I declare that our children will not be exposed to that which is not righteousness for them to be exposed to. I declare there is a rechecking and a reevaluating and that new blood is coming into the system for curriculum.

Come on Missouri, come on Minnesota. There is – I saw it earlier, and I saw it again just now – all of the states surrounding Iowa – what do we got 5 or 6? – there is a drawing anointing, some grace of God Almighty in Iowa to draw from the surrounding states. To draw interest, to draw partnership. It’s like I see hands coming over the border into Iowa. It is like I see hands going out of Iowa over the border going into other states. For projects. For effort. For synergy. I declare I am calling for a synergy of Wisdom. I declare that I am calling for thinking Christians that have a mind. And I am calling for the coming generations: thinkers.

You are going to see an increase of intelligent quotient in this state.

There are going to be more students studying college courses while they are still in junior high and high school. I declare to you in this state and in these surrounding states that cross hands for the synergy of God, more and more students that are excelling intellectually and in technology that more and more of them will be fulfilled in a better environment with better curriculum instead of being held back and frustrated. So that they can excel sooner and get into the market place sooner, get into medicine sooner, get into business sooner, get into politics sooner. For the glory of God.

There will be a confrontation with several witches, especially locally. Statewide – covens? – what I am hearing is, it won’t be like fighting over beliefs. They have been searching out the spirit realm (there is only one spirit realm). What is happening in the spirit realm, in seances, etc., is not some different experience but they are out there illegally because they are uncovered by the blood of Jesus. All kinds of things can happen. And what will never happen is you will never find fulfillment. And another thing that will never happen is the discovery of truth and The True One, you will be on an endless search. And the confrontation is going to be, hey, they are ready, they have been searching, they are looking for an answer, you have it, you simply begin to share the truth with them, and they receive.

I am also hearing there is one branch, I don’t know, one practice, one denomination of them, whatever you want to call it, that there will be so many people unfulfilled in it that they are going to lose interest in it and that thing is going to shut down.

There is going to be in this region an increase of aging parents accepting Jesus. I am here to tell you, and I am declaring, that there is going to be, we are going to see in this region particularly, an increase of aged parents accepting Jesus Christ.

There will be dealings and conviction of the Holy Spirit concerning elderly abuse and neglect in this region, in this state. And once again, do not forget what was spoken earlier, there needs to be some hands crossing state lines; both ways. For what the Lord is doing. There is going to be legislation to protect the elderly and to provide better services. There is going to be some honoring.

The Lord is saying to our churches and will continue to say in the future to the churches in this region: Churches are no longer to be stablers. Think about some old Roy Rogers movies, or some old black and white movies, you know.

Think about a stable. I imagine you have a lot of it here too. In the region where we live, and some friends of ours who have ranches and whatnot, they have stables. They board horses. It is really a cool thing out there on the edges of Houston. They have riding stables out there. A city boy and a city gal can play cowboy. They can go buy a horse and can spend all the money they want to, depending on how ‘purdy’ they want the horse to be, and they buy ‘em a horse.

You buy the horse, and you take it out there, and put it in the stable. They’ll pet that buggar for you. You don’t even have to pet him. They will pet him for you! After all, you are paying so much a month, they ought to floss his teeth for you. Rub his tummy. They will pet that buggar. They will feed him sweet feed. They will feed him alfalfa. They will curry him. Comb him. Every time you go to that stable he will not have one knot in his mane or in his tail. He will always look ‘purdy.’ They will bathe that bugger for you. They will walk him. Am I describing churches or what? Those horses lo-o-ove it. They will feed them sugar cubes, and they just love it!

More and more churches are going to stop being because they are getting the revelation of the Word of God and the agenda of the Kingdom of God and the advancing of the Kingdom of God and the view of the mature sons of God. And we are going to stop… Rick Joyner said years ago one of the greatest weapons the enemy is going to use against the end- time church is to send needy people into the church so that the leadership and the people use up their attention and their finances on the needy who come in among them. Drain the leadership emotionally.

In spite of whatever you can put in that blank, the Kingdom of God IS advancing! This prophecy of 27,000 in 17 days will come into the kingdom in Iowa… man, that’s easy! There ain’t nothin’ hard about that.

I declare the Kingdom of God is advancing in Polk County. The Kingdom of God is advancing in Iowa. The Kingdom of God is advancing in all these surrounding states. Look out, Minnesota! You cold state, with the cold water lakes. You are going to become a state of Fire and a state of Heat of God. That God is pouring out in His manifestation power. And the Kingdom of God is advancing even though darkness would defy it.

There is a joining of hands for legislation. I do not know how that is going to work. But [there is] a joining together of hands for legislation across state borders between Iowa and Minnesota. Righteous legislation. There are going to be some heads get together and get this thing figured out; under the directive of the Holy Spirit and the principles of the word of God.

I am calling forth members of the House of Representatives of this state and from surrounding states that will under the fear of God encourage, initiate, and support righteous legislation. I am calling senators forth in the name of Jesus.

I am calling forth high school graduates, college students, and college graduates to the true God, to the Truth of the true God; away from the empty promises of humanism, from the delusion of humanism, and empty philosophies that have no life.