24 Greg Crawford February 23 2016 – Word for Iowa

Visitation of the Lord for Iowa

The Lord is visiting me very strongly recently in the night. This is the second time this has occurred in the last two months. The first time He spoke to me about the current condition of the Church and showed me the next four years and what the Church would look like. I have not been released to speak of this first visitation. This time again at 2:20 the Lord began to speak to me in a dialogue format for about an hour. At 3:20, He said ‘go and write of these things’. This is the highlights I was to write. He explained each point more in-depth than what I have written. I feel released to share the following.

“I indeed am burning the religious cornfields of Iowa as the prophet prophesied just two years ago. I am moving in the fields of Iowa as Ruth moved to glean. This gleaning will first occur in the fields before the suburbs and is just now beginning. The metro areas are still full of themselves and are not in the desperate place of hopelessness as those in the rural areas are. The rural areas spiritual poverty has caused a hunger that has caused a seeking. The city areas are still embracing works and not my graces, embracing the man made ideas and approaches and not the activation of what I have deposited. Works are anything that does not have My graces active. It is what can be attained with or without Me. Graces are what is attained only through Me working first in the heart and then outwardly.

My graces have been deposited and you need to seek them to truly find and know them. My ways are higher than your ways and how I will accomplish My plan will both consume and engulf your thoughts of how you think it will be. But where you find strife, jealousy, contentions and pride, you will find a lack of the Kingdom, a lack of grace being active and a self- satisfaction and contentment. There are many striving to attain and attaining for fame. This has caused a disheartening in my Body. It has become a cancer that begins to consume and weaken My people. It is not the way of advance but is demonic at its root. My way is to be servant of all. My ways are to be in a constant state of humility.

It is indeed a season of My kingdom being seen, being felt, and being heard. But the resistance My prophets and apostles are feeling is a resistance to their voice, as it is a voice of My Kingdom representation. Men want my prophets and apostles present in their meetings to affirm themselves, but do not want to hear their voice and resist hearing their voice. By resisting my apostles and prophets, they are resisting My Kingdom and even at times, opposing Me. Thus the undealt-with pride in men’s hearts is keeping them from My Kingdom and has caused a spirit of pride to be placed as a ruling one over cities. But this pride in men’s hearts has created a gulf of pride between alignment of heaven and earth. It has caused Me to resist many of the efforts of men. It had caused me to hold away at arm’s length.

I have positioned My servants in this hour, hidden yet known, full of wisdom, yet denied voice. I have placed them and have moved upon their hearts with long patience, forming them for this moment of time. A remnant voice. As they begin to come forth in the new season they are entering, they will do so with words that will cut the spiritual atmosphere and divide even the seas that stop the advance of My people into what I have promised. My people are carrying My promises but the structures they have associated with are stopping them from seeing what they know to be true in their hearts. I am coming to change many structures, I am coming to remove some structures, and I am coming to birth My original structure and its intentions.

Think it not odd what you have carried all these years as My forerunners and pioneers as not being able to be completed. But look now as this is the season for what was conceived will come forth. It will spring forth as a new dew dropping down upon the earth. A residue of heaven itself with a fragrance of My presence. It will cover many like a mantle and by its touch many will be set free and mantled. Even in this hour I am re—mantling many. Some men have created their own mantle but do not take heed to it as when My mantle is seen, it will also be felt. This new mantling will cause a great clarity and awakening in the heart to occur. In ‘a suddenly’, a single moment of time, all confusion will be gone, all divide in the heart will be touched.

I am bringing forth both the means to attain the harvest of the fields and also the means of the harvest. I am beginning a dealing in the hearts of many. For some, they have already been in that place. For others, their journey is beginning and still others will miss the moment, caught up in what they have created. But nonetheless, I will have My way and the plans of men and the schemes of the enemy and the wiles of the demonic will not be able to resist what I am about to do. It will be like a giant wave crashing ashore and all of these things many thought they were powerless over and victims of, they will see swept into My sea of forgetfulness for these things are nothing for Me.

For this is the year of My sons and daughters. They are coming forth as sent by Me for Me to manifest Me, not themselves. They will come forth a fresh fragrance on the land, restorers of the breach, attainers of the golden victory. They will march and not grow faint. They will decree with only a desire to please Me. They will not look at men’s faces in fear, but look at men’s hearts in seeing how to unlock the hidden treasure.”