25 Brian Hume September 2017 – Iowa lona Apostolic Hub

Brian Francis Hume had a dream in 2006 concerning Iowa that he shared in 2017. In the dream, he was at a prayer meeting with Kirk Bennett, and Kirk was holding a piece of paper with “IOWA” written on it he watched the “IOWA” change to “IONA” and knew that Iowa is to become an lona. Along with this dream, he briefly stated Iowa would be known as an apostolic hub.

What’s interesting is that I talked about this word about four months prior to him releasing while in Iowa. The subject that I spoke on was Righteousness and the oil of Gladness. lona, an island in the Hebrides, considered the most Holy Island where St. Columba established a monastery and launched missions to Scotland and Great Britain. The Hebrides have experienced several significant events over the years. lona became the base of Irish Christian missionary St Columba, who in 563 AD landed on the island with twelve followers and settled there. He was looked upon as being a pioneering Christian taking the gospel of the Kingdom to Scotland and Great Britain from this small insignificant island. Though it was small in size, the impact that came from this hidden place was large and felt by many.

Interestingly it became a place of advance learning and publishing documents that were thought to be sourced of the early Irish Annals. The Monastery was known to practice Celtic Christianity and the Celtic cross with the ring in the middle originated from this island.

This word has many different prophetic significances. First, being hidden, second, being small but having great influences. This is part of the pattern the words for Iowa have been. The concept of an apostolic hub has been modeled in Iowa by the BASE for almost 20 years and is prevalent in other areas. Part of apostolic hubs is the teaching dynamic, writing of documents, sending outward on mission. These hubs are also places of influence in the spiritual realm and then in the earth. They carry and create environments not found in traditional settings thus they are able to activate people into giftings and destinies.