It Is Time To Move Forward In My Plan

A new day and a new dawn and even a new age. It is time to move forward in My plan. Things are about to shift in ways you would not anticipate. But they will all work into My plan.

Be not dismayed at the thing you will see for I will be at your right hand and My angels at your side. Fear not, for it is a time to move forward. It is a time for battle. It is a time to take ground. For My holy ones are about to become manifest to the nation, and I will shake loose the snare that has been placed over them by the enemy.Listen to My voice for I will give you the keys. No plan of man or of satan can prevail against My plan. Only doubt and unbelief can delay it. So be bold in proclaiming what I have shown you. You are indeed sheep among wolves.

But I will be your shield and buckler and My sword will come forth from your mouths and legions of angels at your side. We are at war, but do know how are at your side. Do you know I have given you power and authority to shift heaven and earth. So be bold in your proclamations and do not doubt what I show and tell you will surely come to pass.

My righteous ones will be reveled and it will shift a nation. For the call of this nation has not been removed and I will once again be honored in this nation. But the assignment is yours to shift things and truly make a difference.

The power is already in your hand. And My will is in alignment with your will. What can stop you? The enemy? Man? I say NO. Only your doubt and unbelief can stop what is inside of you. The stage is set, and the players are in place. The performance is all that remains.

Prophet Steven Walz


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