Jehoshapat’s Reign I – Restoration And Ungodly Alliances

A lesson from the Second Book of Chronicles, which has applications to the present state of our country and of the Church.

The king Jehoshapat restored the kingdom of Juda, by turning back to the Lord. He sent teachers and priests to teach the people from the Book of the Law. The fear of the Lord fell on the neighboring nations, and Judah became very strong.

However, Jehoshapat joined with the ungodly king Ahab of Israel in a fight against the invading forces of Syria. He considered Ahab and his people to be like himself and his own people. The kings of Israel listened to false prophets, which the Lord had put under the influence of a lying spirit. Ahab is killed by a random arrow, an act of God. God will sovereignly remove wicked people from the earth, when the measure is full.

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