King Jehoshapat’s Reign III – The Roots Of Iniquity

King Jehoshapat was a godly king, yet his heart was not fully with God. He made alliance with the wicked kings of Israel which lead to the return of idolatry and wickedness in Judah. Here is a warning for the Church today.

Jehoshapat failed to completely remove the places of idol worship. The people had not yet prepared their hearts unto God. Jehoshapat again entered into an alliance with the ungodly king of Israel. In this final war, the Lord withdrew His protection, and let the endeavor fail.

The iniquity passed to the next generation. Jehoshapat’s son, king Jehoram, married Athalia, a daughter of Ahab. Later, he murdered all of his brothers and returned to idolatry. Athalia eventually murdered all but one of her grandsons.

Jehoshapat valued kinship with the apostate eleven tribes of Israel higher than God, and so failed eventually. He left a root of iniquity, which grew back up later. Here is a warning for the Church. God said He will be separating and dividing in the Church. We need to be careful of our alliances; there are people doing wicked things in the name of the Church.

Our nation was founded by men who leaned into God, although they were not perfect. We need to make sure that our children learn to read the word of God. The teachers of Jehoshapat were a spiritual militia; the multitude of men highly skilled in the word of God could not be rooted out.


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