Kingdom Discipleship – Believers

In this video lesson, we discuss what it means to be a believer in Christ. Our discussion is based on a road map given to us by Apostle Greg Crawford. Gods main intention is to raise the fullness of Christ into a corporate mature man on the earth (Eph 4).


The beginning stage is being birthed into the things of the Lord, becoming a believer in Christ. The early church did not call someone a Christian until they were fully mature.

The function of believers, joining the family of God

These come out of Romans 8:10-17. There is a breaking of the orphan spirit and coming into the position of being an adopted son or daughter of the Father Most High.

Your place in humanity

Your identity, who you are in Christ Jesus.

Defined by what God says, not by the expectations of others. God wrote a book about you (Psa 139), which contains your purpose and your place in His big purpose.

Seeing your spiritual DNA, your giftings. Seeing your strengths over your weaknesses.

Relationship With Father God

Four main principles: Father God is creator, is Lord of creation, is sovereign and is providential (provides for His creation).

Jesus The Son of God

The ways of God, the pathway.

The Holy Spirit

The power of the Holy Spirit. Bringing foundational truths and the spirit of understanding.

Our Responsibility

Applying the truth, making right choices. Not letting circumstances dictate your faith. Deciding to live in the supernatural realm, giving God full Lordship over your life.


God doesn’t expect you to walk as Christ-like right away. Know where you are.

Discussions, Messages

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