Lakota Sioux – Jesus Is Good Medicine

Jubilee Kingdom Gathering
Fairfield, Iowa
May 5, 2010 – Intercession

Judy told members about the rise of suicide among the Lakota youth.

Judy played 8. Declaration; 9. Khenoronkhwa (Love/Medicine) from Ride the Wind by Broken Walls.

Jesus is Good Medicine!

Immediately, Peggy saw in the spirit and called for the time to make our Declarations over the Lakota Sioux. Peggy saw in the spirit realm a huge, huge Mantle of Hope, God’s Mantle, coming down over this nation and then over other First Nations; a real covering. Many more individual mantles were coming out of that great Mantle.

Right now, hearts and minds are being stolen, especially of the teenagers because of the call of God on their lives, for they have a double portion anointing from the Lord. They are key to bring Restitution and Reformation into the world. A Great Revival of Hope is in their hearts which brings them into a Great Awakening. They will be having great encounters with the Lord. (She also noted that Islamic people will also have these great encounters.)

Judy made the Declaration of HOPE, so great it overcomes the spirit of suicide. Declaration that at the Fire Point where the spirit of suicide attempts to take a first life, and cause its destruction to spread to many lives and that, instead, at the Fire Point the Fear (Awe), the Face, and the Fire of the Lord will displace the spirit of suicide before the lonely one and will bring greater multiplication of Life! Declaration this nation will fulfill the heart’s desire and intentions of the Lord God when He created it. They will rise to be the strong prophetic nation to all other nations. They have passed through the time of the Great Affliction, and they are coming out still standing and stronger for it. They will astound the nations of the world by their beauty of gentleness.

Steve asked Father God to let His river flow in these lives. He saw the waters of this river draw out the past poisons and remove what was unclean; purity remained. The Dying Season is past; there is a new season rising of clarity and brightness in nations, clear vision to see. The cloudiness is removed, cut off. He petitioned the Lord to send those clean ones to speak truth in other lives. He declared there is a Shift from what’s plaguing to the new thing according to the Spirit of the Lord.

Kai asked the veil would be removed so the Lakota can see You, the True Creator; and Jesus Christ, the True Light. A release of revelation to young, to entire nation. May Light release treasures You’ve placed in their hearts. Unlock their hearts to see your ancient wells of revelation and true knowledge of who they are. Kai saw: a deep underground river of life under this nation, they are called to tap into. Something so fresh will come out of them, it will be astounding to even those who have walked with the Lord for a very long time. He declared a great freshness, a great clarity.

Judy saw: a golden ring come down out of heaven and there was green vapor which was upon this nation which the golden ring surrounded by the glowing Light of it. Then the vapor arose but it just totally dissolved into nothingness. Judy felt the spiritual witness of the of the full work completed from head to toe, like a great waterfall rolling down over the head, completely covering everything, and rushing down to the feet.


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