Let Destinies Come Forth

Intercession at Jubilee Kingdom Gathering for the destinies of men, women and children in this region to be fulfilled.

Let Destinies Come Forth

A New Hope, A New Courage

I sense Your love over this community, Your goodness, kindness, patience. You are wooing hearts. I pray that there will be big dreams and visions placed in men’s hearts, and children’s hearts. Revelations of You, and that people will be talking about theirs dreams. Knowing that something is different in this season. You are opening up scrolls over men’s lives, let them peer in. You speak to men in so many different ways, but this is the time and season when Your voice will be heard. People will peer into the scroll of their life, and see destiny set before them, and there will be new hope, and new courage, to press on in this very season.

For You are causing men’s hearts to come into a place of hope, of joy, of gladness once again. Even though the world around us grows dark, Your light is coming now into men’s hearts and giving them new hope and new ability. Things they have laid down, You are renewing dreams, You are bringing old dreams back. You have never declared them dead, and You are resurrecting those dreams. Because You have something new and fresh in it. Let people dream in the daytime, in the nighttime, let a spirit of dreaming begin again. A strengthening in men’s hearts; that they would finish strong. You are the one within us running the race; we are going along with You. You are renewing these thing within the hearts of men and women now.

Children Will Prophesy

You are bringing something new and fresh into the hearts of children in this hour. We declare tonight that children’s hearts are not corrupted. Your light is coming out of them. Any darkness they have been exposed to, Your light is greater. Children will prophesy, simple things, but profound, releasing mysteries of You. Your life is now coming up out of them, enabling them. Your spirit in them, Your fire all over them. It shall be in this season. These are the things eye has not seen. It is here now. A child will stand up in a crib and prophesy. Yes, they will be releasing new songs. It will release an atmosphere into the earth that men will have to answer to. They will bring the atmosphere of heaven down, this innocent souls. This is the depth of Your heart, heart to heart. Is it not Your choosing, You are calling them to You. And men and women will respond. Let Your life, love and truth increase, in ways we cannot measure.

Come Out Of Indecision

Every heart will have to respond, yea or nay. Yea or nay in this season. Choose this day whom You will serve. Come out of Your indifference; come out of Your indecision. Come out of Your complacency and apathy, and run hard with me, says the Lord. Calling deep, Lord, calling deep, Lord.

Cause a wrestling within souls, bring them out of indifference, cause a sleeplessness, do whatever it takes, bring them out of that place of complacency, indecision. We need them, God, they are carrying something of You, God, bring them out of that indecision. We need that authority on the earth, we need that anointing. Bring them out, God, whatever it takes, God, whatever it takes, God.

God, You placed something into the heart of every person born upon the earth. We declare that destinies will no longer be aborted, but come forth. Men will decide to walk in their destiny, in this hour, and not drag their feet.

Let Them Come Forth

There is something in their heart, let it come forth, God (song of the Lord). We call their destinies forth. They are Your children; You know how to deal with them. We need them, God, they are part of the team, oh God. They must come forth, God, they are part of the body, God (song of the Lord: He has a place for You here, he has work for You to do. Come forth and work on the gates of this city) We declare that the mystery Babylon is gone, that the pure virgin is rising up in this hour. You are taking stones out of the Babylonian rubble and lovingly place them into Your house.

And we will take the sword of the Lord now, and we cut off the head of human reasoning. And we say, Godhead come and be our mind, our guide, be our crowning glory. No more our will, our thoughts, but Your thoughts, Your intentions. We declare the personality of Jesus Christ to rise up here in this community, in all glory and splendor. We worship You, Your great heart. Let everything die that is not of You, and let if fall to the ground. Out of that, great riches will rise up.

We pray all of these things for Sioux City also. Let the fullness of it come, let those with mature hearts rise up and come to build in that city. Bring Your Ezras and Nehemiahs out in this city, Your priests and kings.


Intercession, Prophecy

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