Lonnies Testimony – The Lord Delivers From A Colostomy

The Lord delivers Lonnie from a colostomy by removing a serious bowl blockage. Lonnie’ joy about his healing is mixed with some regret that nobody from our family visited him during that time.

“Some of this isn’t really easy because it is a little bit of an admonition to, towards you guys. Sorry, starting this off early. What you guys wrote up here, on the board, must’ve been last Sunday, community outreach, there it talks about hospital visits and individual contact. I didn’t see a lot of that, sorry. I could have used it, really.”

Lonnie recounts the unfolding of the serious bowl blockage that made him go the emergency room. After no improvement from Sunday to Thursday, the doctor announced that Lonnie needed to have a colostomy. Lonnie questioned this prognosis, and the doctor gave a 95% chance that surgery would be necessary.

“I was thinking about that, and I said: Okay, Lord, he said there is a 5% chance that I don’t have to have surgery. I claim to be that 5% that doesn’t have to have surgery. And I spoke against the blockage, I said, you will open up, in the name of Jesus. Whatever it is, I don’t know what it is, I don’t know what’s causing it or whatever, you will open up, and you will take care of yourself.

“And about an hour or two later, I went in to use the bathroom, and I sensed that something was taking place that was different. And then in the middle of the night, same thing. And I knew God was doing a healing, that God was doing a healing, and that morning they were taking x-rays. Every morning to see if anything was happening at all. They came to pick me up, and I was ready to go for an x-ray. I said, ja, I was thinking, lets just go and get this thing taken care of, because I know that something has happened.

“So I went and took the x-rays, came back and I no more than got into bed and after a little bit they came in and said ‘We are starting you on clear liquids today.’ They wouldn’t give me anything into my mouth unless something was passing. So, they started giving me clear liquids. The x-ray had showed that there was a small opening, and the next morning it was double of what it had been before. Then they started me on soft food, on Saturday, and on Sunday morning I could start eating regular food, Sunday morning, and I was out Sunday afternoon.

“Since that time, I have been witnessing all about, to all kinds of people, at work, and people I have been meeting, what God had done. Like, wow, that is amazing, that is so amazing, like, that is just unbelievable. But, it has been such a neat experience, like I said, I didn’t .. , I missed not having people around that could come and visit, some people come and pray. But, the thing was, God was there all the time, so that was the big deal, that was the thing. I realized God was the One that would take care of it, it doesn’t matter.”

“I really appreciated your calling, Virgil, you called me, I really did, and Steve called me later in the week. But God, I knew, could take care of that, it didn’t matter what man said, God take care of it. There is just no way that I have to put up with the fact that I have to have a colostomy, I’ve got to go through all that .. crapola, that’s all I was dealing with, crapola. So, and God took care of it, it is as simple as that. And man, I tell you, it is so neat to experience that, and God is doing this continually. I said, God, let this be a complete, full healing that is just as natural as the way at the time I was created by you. Let it just be that kind of working that is going on in my body, you know. It is like, I have been doing pretty good, pretty good.”


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