Our Mission To Farmington – God Is Coming In Peace

We are going to Farmington to set up an altar to the Lord, on the threshing floor of the Word of God. Christ within us is the way, the truth and the life that we are carrying into the city.


00:09 – We Don’t Look at Numbers

1 Chr 21:1-8
Satan was provoking David to number the people.
– We cannot look at our numbers.
David fell for satan; he did not go into the tabernacle.
We are gathering here in God’s tabernacle.
Satan was rising up against the word of God.
– We will hold the land and take cities.
Joab did not count Levi and Benjamin.
– There has to be a holy remnant, not numbered.

05:47 – We Will Set Up An Altar – We Are The Threshers

1 Chr 21:9-18
God sends Gad the seer.
We carry the ability for cities to see and hear
The angel tells David to set up an altar at Ornon’s threshing floor.
God is sending us to set up an altar at Farmington.
We are the threshers for the harvest.

11:27 – God Is Coming In Peace – His Fire Will Remove Our Iniquity

1 Chr 21:19-26
Ornon could see the angel of the Lord, he was not killed
– God is coming in peace.
God answered David by fire.
– We are bringing the five blessings of God to replace the five curses.
David took full responsibility for his iniquity.
– God is removing our iniquity so we can see people as He sees them.
David offered burnt offerings and peace offerings.
– The people will offer themselves, and their gratitude and praise.

22:23 – We Will Build A House For God

1 Chr 21:27-30
David sacrificed at Ornon’s threshing floor.
– We will build a house for God.
– We will see the fire of God come upon people to set them free.
The Iowa Band started this work in the 1840s.
– God is sending us now into Iowa’s gateway cities.



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