Our Nation’s Moorings

This nation experienced the beginning of an awakening of sorts in 2009. It was driven by governmental dissatisfaction. It was only a rousing out of sleep, not a full awakening. Our full awakening is yet to come and it is of a much deeper nature.

Where is the fight for the very soul of this nation? I have not seen it yet in any Presidential candidate. Though to be sure, all of them have a desire to get government back on the right track. This full awakening will influence more than government. What caused us to loose our moorings as a nation in the first place? Where did we pull anchor and sail in a different direction? The place we are sailing now is unfamiliar to most Americans.
To be sure, we pulled anchor long before our current leaders. But these captains are moving us far out to sea. Others have laid the ground work, but these ones are hoping to be the finishing crew to erase the image of the shoreline from our hearts.

But where is the fight for the soul of this nation? What is this nation’s soul, but the very hearts of its people. There are 3 moorings we have broken loose from. They are Truth, Justice, and Righteousness. In these a nation is blessed because in these God dwells. Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.
Our full awakening begins in our own hearts as we come back to our moorings of Truth, Justice, and Righteousness and the Living God who is all three. In a dream, I saw the next leader of our country. I did not see their face, only their back, because they are not yet fully revealed. Though I only saw one man, that man represents one corporate man, many people with one heart of full awakening. They are the leaders of this great nation and out of them must come our next President.

Oh! what a beautiful shoreline awaits us! The very image of God’s original intent! We have not yet seen what we shall be as a nation for the best is yet to be! Do not believe our best days are behind us. God is eternal and He holds the future.


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