Overcoming Fear II: God Is Rebuking Iniquity

This is the continuation of our discussion of overcoming fear. God is bringing down the unrighteous government of man. He alone knows the hearts of men, and He is restoring leaders or giving them over to perdition according to His sovereign counsel. Let us fully trust in Him and overcome anything that is trying to keep us from entering fully into our inheritance.


Chris: The Bride Of Christ

This is from an article by Nita Johnson: WHAT DOES GOD WANT. Jesus is bringing His bride into union with Him. “We cannot be people who want the Kingdom with one hand, but reach out for the things of the world with the other hand. That is not the Bride; that is the harlot. The Bride will speak in purity and will love in purity. She will cleanse herself of all things that offend for the sake of her divine Husband.”

Judy: God Is Rebuking sin

We need to invite God to rebuke sin in any form. Paul and Silas rebuked their placement in the prison by praise and worship, and God’s rebuke came in the shaking of the prison. A whole world view that is not of God can be rebuked by praise and worship, in all circumstances. The epistle to the Philippians invites us to work out our salvation in fear and trembling, the fear and trembling that comes from the approach of God. God’s rebuke will shift even an unrighteous leader to righteousness, or it will deliver him to final perdition.

Peggy: Full Restoration

When God restores, He brings a complete finishing. He brings restoration of body soul and spirit. Biblical meaning of restoration is to receive more than what has been lost. Someone is improved beyond measure; that is God’s restoration. God’s life comes into a person, and gives more than they had before. Gods restoration brings in the eternal element, the image of Christ within us. He must tear down that with is of the world within us.

Steven: Trust In The Lord

The joy of the Lord is holding on to the eternal realm versus the temporal realm. The joy comes out of the peace and rest. We unify in the eternal, in the flow of the Spirit. At Pentecost, they were in the unity of the Spirit. They had no clue what it would look like, it was a sovereign act of God. Same today, we have no clue today what is coming, a sovereign act of God is coming. His restoration is beyond the former state.

In Hebrews 3 and 4, what held them back from His peace was doubt and unbelief. God is working on this in all of our lives, we have to get to full trust in the Lord.

Judy: We Will Enter In Fully

What Charles reported this morning started all of this. God will reveal to us corporately the face of this thing. It is a singular fear that is trying to stop us from entering in fully. It is trying to perpetuate doubt and unbelief, and God wants us to take out this singular fear.

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