Passing Through The Fire Of God

A discussion at Jubilee Kingdom Gathering about the experiences of passing through the fire of God, as He is leading us into holiness.

Topic 1 Your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.


It is like the Lord gives you new wings. You definitely feel naked during that time. We often talk about mantles. The Lord takes away a mantle, but has not given you the new mantle yet. As you live that little stretch in between there, you are feeling pretty raw and vulnerable. But there is also that renewing of strength. We see this in Isaiah 40, sandwiched in amongst all those awesome chapters like Isaiah 49, where He is also talking about: “I am taking away your koach-strength and giving you my oz strength.”

There is an earth power, but then there are heavenly powers. Isn’t an eagle majestic on the earth? And what they are capable of, fishing and all of that. When you watch them soar, isn’t that a whole other strength? That’s why they represent powers on earth so much. Nations choose them as symbolic of heaven and earth. And that great power, to be above and also powerful, the eagle then being like the four beasts around the throne. The eagle being equivalent with the mighty calf, or bull, and lion and then the man. It is all that majestic power that is on the earth and the heavens. That is why the four beasts are described as they are. All nations on earth can admire those strengths and those abilities.

Topic 2 Submit to the will of God


It is the self will. We talked about that yesterday, how that gets into the way of God’s will. We do our own will. The self-will is always self-gratifying; it is speaking for the comfort zone, for its own benefit. We can have God in the middle of it, but it is still self-will, it is not God’s will. That’s what they were hitting on yesterday, it is that total death.

Topic 3 You can choose to follow God.


Your will is based on your desires. But those desires are in your soul, not your spirit.

That is a very interesting question. The will is our sovereignty. God has given us dominion over the earth, wo we have the power to decide. Who decides? I think that is the will. And that will is free of – almost anything. Because God holds us accountable for our decisions. If the will was subject to all sorts of influences, we would not be accountable. But there is a place in us where we are accountable, where we have freedom to choose. And that is our will. We can choose to follow God, and we can choose not to follow God. And God doesn’t mess with it.

Topic 4 Agree with your spirit, not with your flesh.


It really boils down to a lordship issue, the Lord being lord in your life. The other part is this: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.” When you are exercising your own will against God, that is leaning on your own understanding. The ultimate is satan’s five “I will.”

The desire is in your soul, the will is in your soul. That is where your spirit has to be stronger, because your spirit always can rest and submit to the Lord. But when we make our mind and our will and our emotions more important than that spirit connected with the Lord, that’s where we get in trouble. That is where self-will comes in. That is when your soul is connecting with your flesh, agreeing with your flesh instead of with your spirit. Because you are meeting your own desires, your own selfish needs and wants.

Topic 5 You are schooling your will.


It is an ongoing thing, where you are constantly schooling your will to come into alignment with your spirit, because you want the greater thing in God. For me, making decisions, it really comes down to that: Do I really want to please God or do I want to please myself? Do I want to serve the Lord in the fullness of my capacity, or do I just want something for the moment? Because a lot of time, the stuff for the moment is out for our own will, as opposed to the long term plan of God. And if I can get that desire in me to submit to the Lord, to the long term will of God, then I know that my immediate desires will also come into alignment. That’s how I practice it, because I know ultimately, if I always give in to the moment, I give in to the self-will.

And for me, when I realized how much I had screwed up my own life, and how I had fallen away from following the Lord, because of circumstances and will, and other people’s will. When I hit that list of satan saying “I will,” it is in Ezekiel 26, 27, 28, somewhere in there, the five I-wills. Because the ultimate of “I will” is the sin of presumption that you can do anything without God.

That’s really the ultimate, because satan’s ultimate was that he could sit on the throne of God. It is in Isaiah 14:13-14.

You hear his boast here; this is the desolation of Babylon. Then you hear God say: “For your five I-wills. I will do something with those five I-wills.” That is why Ezekiel 26, 27, 28 is so important, because you see God actually knocking him down from the five. …

In the Thompson chain, you see it is pride, ambition, self-exaltation. I needed to know in my heart, where is it really, Lord, that I stepped across the boundary with You, and that was when I was still in my Revised Standard Version. When I hit a commentary on the sin of presumption, I dug into that. If we pre-assume at any time that we can do anything without God or better than God, that’s where our will gets us in trouble.

The king of Tyre was in the same place, he was presuming against God. We are ignoring the will of God, that’s where the sin of presumption comes in. “I can just ignore that. That is too deep in God for me.” But God wants us to know His will.

The presumption is that we don’t know His will, then there is only one will to follow, our own.

Topic 6 God is very practical


God is also very practical. In every concrete situation, you know what He is asking of you. And you decide to rebel, you decide “I am not going to do this, because I rather do this thing.” You may not know the overall plan, because He does not reveal it to you. But there are points of decision where you know. This way or this way.

The way I had to come to grips with this was in deliverance. There were people we tried to deliver, and they would fall back. I wanted to see them delivered, and I had to wrestle with that: why are they falling back? I had to realize that they had made a choice, it was their will. They decided to go back. And there was nothing I could do; there was nothing anyone could do about it. Because that was their sovereign decision, the power of decision was theirs.

That is why we have to hide people in our hearts. God will not violate their wills. There is a certain place where people are still given choice. We can work and work and work, but we are to hide them in our hearts, we still have to love them.

When people choose to go against what they know will be the answer to their problems, what do you do with a person like that. God has recently said to us there is a certain place where there is no compassion for people. At a certain level, God then allows them to go through the consequences of their decision, because they have gone against all wisdom of God and of God’s holy people, and the love people have.

Topic 7 :Put off the old strength, the old desires.


The Lord is still at work on the holiness thing with you, and trying to bring your will fully into a yielded position with Him. Put off the koach strength and put on the oz strength (of God). Then your will finds its strength in His will.

Q: I used to say: “God and I are good,” and “God peels you like an onion.” But God wants to take me somewhere else. And He does not take off just a few layers, He gets down to the core.

Topic 8 Go into the deep introspections.


There is an anguish associated with this. God knows we are mature enough to go into these deep introspections, to really submit and yield to Him.

Topic 9 Continue to press for holiness: God is opening it up.


God lets us wrestle for it. It is far beyond us, but He lets us wrestle, so that we can really be the elders with the vials of prayers. This is such a beautiful assignment. The beginning is to establish His throne in our own hearts. It is stirring very deep. And you are not at the starting line; you are at the finish line. This is the final yielding that God is asking of you.

We are with you in this. We cannot make it happen. Continue pressing for it. When holiness comes, God is opening it up in you. The pressing is in not giving up until that revelation comes. When you know that the single fire of God is in you as it was in Jesus. The seven fires in Revelations 4 correspond to the Isaiah 11:2 seven spirits of God. These seven spirits are at work in your life. See yourself positioned before the throne, the seven lamps burning away everything that keeps you from understanding the revelations of God.

The pressing is to stay close to God, knowing He is burning iniquity out of your life. He is developing the knowledge of the Lord within you. He wants you to know how chosen you are to stand before His throne. He needs you to go through this at this time, so that you are fully prepared for those who are coming with all of their needs.

You see the desire that you want changed, and it comes to where your spirit has the greater strength than the desire.

Topic 10 God is removing old dragons.


God is bringing up old memories. He wants us to do this, so we can help others to go through it. He was there in all of those things. As in Job 3, “it is time to take up your mourning.” Then Lord is bringing up and removing that old dragon.

Topic 11 God is leading you step by step.


It is a process, going step by step. He brings you to a decision, and you have to consent to it. Then the next step comes. The Lord is navigating you through dangerous waters, like a pilot. You could never go there on your own, because you would be terrified. It may take some time, and you may think I am going backwards, but you are not. And then, all of a sudden, that thing is gone.

God is proving us because we are stepping into our destiny. Having gone through the fire, we have to learn how to walk in it. This baptism of fire no one can ever take away.

Topic 12 God is calling out a remnant nation.


God will come to dwell with whole communities. It is touching everyone. God is calling a whole remnant nation to come out of this nation. Places that have dishonored God will dry up, new cities will spring up where there are none now.



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