Place Them In Your Hearts

A prophetic message by Apostle Greg Crawford at the “Breaking The Silence” conference on February 15, 2014.

The only way you will see people come in is if you have them in your heart. If you can’t carry them in your heart, then don’t expect them to come through the door.

The Lord took me back in this very place to 1979 to the Spirit Festival Dave Egli put on, and on this ground is where I got Spirit filled. On this ground, the revelation that I was an ambassador for Christ came.

The Lord says, think it not strange that there has been a season of separation and even a placing in the wilderness where the voice seemed silent. But the season of separation was necessary for the positioning of authority. For without separation, true authority cannot reign. But now the season changes to step into the position of authority, and when you step in, the things you fight and battle will no longer be. You will just rest in it and walk in it and be in it. And it shall be in you and it will be as if the two were one.

For now the voice comes out of the wilderness. And out of the crying that was birthed in the heart, will be the voice of crying to the ears of a multitude. It is not dependent upon who comes through the door, even though there has to be the placing in the heart. It is dependent upon you if you will step into the place to be My voice. For the first silence that must be broken is the silence of your heart that all things will be made clear. For many will come, and even as I gave a word to My servant before you, they will fall upon the Rock. But many will come and the Rock will fall upon them.

Who do you want to see have their life changed for Me, says the Lord? Separate them apart and place them in your heart. For don’t you know that your heart is actually the net that hangs out for all to see? Don’t you know that I have made you ambassadors for Me?

This morning I have been having a real deep sense of a separation of the Lord, a consecration or a commissioning into the separation. And a sensing for JKG here in Fairfield, of just a coming out of the wilderness, a real coming out, but a real requiring of you to really place some people in your hearts. The Lord says, don’t you know that once they are in your heart, the words from Me will convince them and change them?

Its amazing what Stewart was talking about with the bleachers out there and the track on the fairgrounds. The Lord said, isn’t there coming a season son, won’t I be filling these bleachers soon? When I looked out the window, I saw Wal Mart on the other side, and the Lord says, there is coming a day when they will come and pull into the other drive. The Lord is just waiting on us to really believe, to begin to see like He sees.

He took me round trip all the way back to these fairgrounds on that day and all I did was to come and serve, but He came to fill. This place was full and I was parking cars and I heard the call. I turned to the guy beside me and said I’ve got to go, I’ve got to have it all. I ran to the front of the stage that had been built and was lost in a sea of people, but God saw my heart. He empowered me that day. From that moment forth, I started placing people in my heart.

Many of you in this room have been in my heart for so long. I placed you there a long time ago. I saw Angie walking by and said, God I’m so thankful she is here. He said, why are you surprised son? You have been carrying her in your heart all these years. It’s as if the Lord said she didn’t even have a chance, as long as you stood in faith she would be Mine. Today the question is, who, and how many are you carrying in your heart? If you carry them in your heart, then you have a right to voice into their life. The question was asked by David Rosen in Vermont to me,”as an apostle, is your heart large enough for us too”? I knew what he meant.

Along with the separation and all the things, the Breath, the Wind, and all this that we talk about, there has to be something that we are really carrying along side all of that.

Father, today we just say that the past is the past. We close the door to the silence that has been. We say there is a voice rising in our hearts and it is a voice that comes from Your throne and it is a voice that carries all of these in our heart. These are the ones You are coming for, Father. Lord, I ask for a grace to come upon us to embrace, that You could do a deep work inside of us this day. The silence would be broken over this city and over this state, that real voices would rise, and truth would prevail and the leaven of the Kingdom would be sorted. The corruption that we see and the injustice that is there would just be broken.

Lord, I thank You for bringing us here even as a few. When I set foot in this city, just my wife and I, I marvel at what you put in our hearts, the people that have come across our path. Not only did You deposit the things of the Spirit, but You deposited them in us and we carried them.

God, let open doors come into hearts. I heard the Lord say earlier, I’m going to open avenues you haven’t even thought of into people’s lives in ways that you can’t even believe. I will bring them across your paths in just a supernatural way. I saw as if there were times when you were walking in times past and you weren’t connecting, but in the future you will start to connect, it will start to shift things all over. And I saw so many young ones setting out at the campus. I saw a harvest coming in.

And I heard the Lord say, Judy, the Lord is ending three years for you, three years is done. What has been, has been. There is a shift that occurs even this day because of this moment of time. I sense a door opening for you, a door you have been looking for that just hasn’t come, it is so close. I heard the Lord say this, injustice will be broken when this positioning occurs.

Father, I thank you today for these things. I ask you God to finish and complete this work.


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