Pray For Your Nation

And the Spirit of the Lord would say,  I bring a new thing upon the earth.  Heaven and earth have been shaken and will be shaken.  Be strong and of good courage for I am with you.  I have not left this nation as many have said, for its foundations were made strong by your fore fathers, many who remain nameless and faceless.  So do not listen to the false voices, but only My voice.  Remain strong in Me and see what I will do.  I am bringing a new thing upon the earth, it will shift the present course of a nation.  Be wise and understand the times for the enemy would like you to follow his plans, but I also have a plan.

So do not worry of your neighbors or the rest of the nation.  Make sure you are praying for your community, your state, your nation.  You will only be accountable for your sphere of influence, your domain.  But the same, you are accountable for that which is given.  So humble yourselves and pray and see what great and mighty things I wish to release.  Do not blame the depravity of the nation on the unbelievers, but on those that are called by My name, that continue to fail to pray and seek My face.

Prophet Steven Walz


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