Prepare For The Harvest

The Lord gives an assignment to JKG, to prepare a vessel for the coming harvest of young souls.

“Prepare for the harvest, for the young ones are coming. There is My set time upon the earth, and I will begin to bring in the harvest that I have told you of. I will compel them to come, and you will be amazed as My Spirit sweeps this nation. And what you see in Fairfield is only a sample of what I am doing across the nation.

“For once again you see my spirit moving upon the hearts of the young. I give you a sample, choose wisely how you will handle it [1]. They are My treasure, even as you are My treasure. Come into the place I have called you, I will move upon the hearts of kings [2], so make your plans wisely. I will release resources that are needed for the work of the ministry.

“But what is the demand that you will put upon heaven? [3] You are waiting on Me, or am I waiting on you? Decide this day whom you will serve, for I require much, but I will give much. So, make the plans you have for My house, I will fill that which you have faith for [4]. You must prepare your vessels to contain that which I am about to release. If your vessel is small, so will be the measure of My Spirit. If your vessel is large, I am more than able to fill it [5].”

Steven’s comments:

[1] We really need to take that to heart, choose wisely how you will handle it.

[2] I know that’s key.

[3]  So, there is where we have to get our alignment and be intentional. How do we plan on building a house? And Judy has already said that about, we need to get a vision together. So, we really need to get a vision. Really put tight together, is what I am saying, we really need to be on that.

[4] And I know that was a word, to.

[5]  That word seemed a lot more significant today than the day I got it.

Peggy to the young people present:

You guys are an integral part of what God is doing in the earth. We are here to help steward your lives, to bring you closer to God, speak wisdom in to your lives. But you guys will be doing a lot of that what Steve was speaking about, your generation will be doing that.


There are key players in your generation. Everything you do will always be based on your relationship with the Lord. It is that personal connection that you have to build. It doesn’t just happen. Its built in small steps, don’t let it be an overwhelming thing. After a while you start hearing the Lord, He will give you little things to build on.

We also work as a body, sometimes He speaks through an external source to help you. He always speaks something to you, ahead of time most of the time. If you want to learn to discern what people are speaking to you, what has God been speaking about that? If He hasn’t been speaking anything, I put them up. Usually He has already given you already an inkling in that direction. He is just trying to confirm it, most of the time. A word should not have you make a decision, it should confirm a decision you have already made.

Judy: Isaiah 43:19 Behold, I will do a new thing. Peggy: The first new thing He does is that of the human heart, He completely transforms it, that is the greatest miracle.

Judy: Isaiah 42:9 “Behold the former things are come to pass.” Don’t live in the past. “And new things do I declare, before they spring forth, I tell you of them.” That is prophecy, that is what Steve is talking about, where the Lord has already encouraged you, and a prophet comes and confirms where God is taking you.

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