Proclamations Over Fairfield Iowa

These are collections of key statements made in a session of proclamations over Fairfield, Iowa.


This region will be fruitful in the Spirit. A region where the knowledge of the Lord will dwell. A region of deliverance, where the glory of the Lord will dwell.


This region will be a spiritual center. There will be that relationship of spiritual parenting, sons and daughters manifesting. The school of the prophets will be.
We proclaim a new birth of freedom into hearts, the holiness of the Lord coming. Multiplicity of Your life in this region, God.
We proclaim that right now this is a region of suddenlies. You will answer prayers suddenly, Father. There will be an open heaven.


This is the time of the kingdom. And everything that You have created, and for Your purpose, everything that is on the face of the earth, and all provision, now, from this day forward must come into alignment, for You have need of it to build Your kingdom, Lord God. And even the building where You would place us, we put a kingdom demand on it, for the king has need of it. [..] So that Your people, in white line, can be going forth into this city, and speaking and proclaiming things, Lord God, with righteous hearts and a just mind, and bringing and establishing the substance of faith in hearts.

Is this not the time of Your refreshing, for which generations have cried out and said: “When will we see this desolate city come to life? When will we see the justice of God come, when will we see someone one see us and hear us, and know our desires and our intentions, for good and not for evil?”

Now, Lord God, you have proclaimed, it is time for Your bride and JKG to rise up and to walk into the city and do the Esther faith, standing with You Lord God, as You raise that scepter and speak over Your kingdom and call for the finishing of the wicked and the polluted, and separating out the corruption and the things defiled from your holy people. It is Your time, Lord God, to call forth those who will walk in holiness, those who would choose the way of life and forsake the way of death. Those who would worship you, Lord God, with all of their hearts, with all of their souls, with all of their minds, with all of their strengths, and their brothers as they love themselves. It is that time to see Your kingdom to thrive under these commandments, how You will rule by life and love and light and truth, Lord. It will not be forsaken, for this is the day and hour where truth is coming and being made very apparent.


This city affects the whole region of south-east Iowa. It is by Your design, by Your decreee, that it is the day and the hour. There is a place that You have established where the sum of righteousness may arise within the people. It is a finishing of Sodom and Gomorrah and Babylon, it is a finishing of those ways of man, of the spiritual darkness of this place. Lord God, I have seen Your mighty angles come to measure this city and to measure the hearts within this city. I also know that the finishing of that measuring has come. And it is according to Your will, to Your word that You have already spoken to mankind. [..] There place that You want to establish, where the sun of righteousness may arise within the people of this place. So, there is a finishing of the Sodom-Gomorrah-Babylon, it is a finishing of those ways of man, under that demonic control, Lord God. It is a finishing of the spiritual darkness of this place. Generations upon generations, for centuries, have been held under this spirit of sadism. Generations are now being set free into the place, not under the hand of cruelty, but under the hand of mercy and grace. Hands of mercy and grace, lifted up on behalf of those who would turn in this hour to come and know You as You are, and to worship You in the beauty of holiness.

We declare it, we declare it, we declare it. There will be such a change over every business. Can you see it, JKG? Can you imagine the day that whole businesses and manufacturings would be stopped, because there is no need to have the business open for a day or a week or a month. Because everyone is in the house of the Lord on their faces before a holy God, crying out to be transitioned by these waves of holiness, so that they may enter into the city. Can you imagine it that all governmental offices cease from their man-made labors to come into the face of God and seek Him for His government, to seek Him for His heart towards the people? Can you imagine the day when all musicians come together to turn from the ways of the evil one into a glorious, harmonious sound, where so may people come together to hear that sound that no building can contain them. [..]

Can you see babies prophesying when they don’t even have a natural speaking voice yet? Can you imagine when adolescents come to be mentored in the Word? Where adults would encourage their children at early, early ages to enter into the things of God, so that when they are old they will not flee from Him. Can you imagine what it will look like having four generations worshipping together, here. Here in this hard, hard desolate place, God has ordained for multitudes to come from all over this nation, because there is a sound going forth. Nations, nations must gather, to. Because there is a sound that God has ordained to come out of this place to speak to hearts of nations and of those who carry responsibility within their nations. [..]

Can you imagine how fluently the release of this breath, this fire, this river will bring such a pageantry of God into hearts and souls, so that every need, every wound are healed. Everything put into proper alignment with God.

If we cannot imagine these things, we will not proclaim these things. But today, Lord God, we don’t just imagine, we don’t just have a false image. We have an image that comes right out of Your Word, Lord God. We know Your thoughts and intentions for us, and we know Your heart for this community. And what You have designed it for is to be that very model, in teaching all nations, all cities, how they can come into that place of relationship with You. And how it will utterly change and restore and rebuild their cities and their nations. [..]


I pray that Your desire will be planted in each heart, dear Lord. Let it be that what grows within them is a thing of character and honesty, that they will be a godly people. That we can see our city changed, that everybody can advance, that there will be no sloth. That families will come closer, that there will be opportunity for our kids, that You will protect them. Give us wisdom in the things we are speaking and doing, that the things people see in us will be You and You only.

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