Prophetic Dream – Pandora In The Box

I was next to/yet across from a man (something Native-American about him) who had caught a Pandora and had put it into an oblong/rectangular wooden box with a hinged lid. I was not very thrilled to be in the area of such a creature, concerned it would get out of the box. He had carried it on the plane with him, and now he had set it on the table between us.

I awoke.


Webster’s Exhaustive Dictionary of the English Language & various web sites [Classical Greek Mythology]

Pandora and the Box

The 1st woman, fashioned out of the earth by lame Hephaestus, Greek smith-god of Fire, metalworking esp. weapons, and handicrafts. Pandora’s name means: all-gifts; all-endowed; giver of all. Her other name is Anesidora: she who sends up gifts from from below in the earth. Pan- also means “the union of all branches of a group”. And Pan was the god of forests, pastures, flocks, shepherds; who had a head, chest and arms of a man, but legs, horns, and ears of a goat.

Prior to her creation, god-king Zeus of Mt. Olympus commanded two Titans Epimetheus and Prometheus to create animals and humans, and to fully equip them for life upon the earth

Epimetheus, the foolish god of Afterthought and Hindsight (in the manner of a fool looking behind, while running forward) gave each animal a strong attribute and a compensating weakness so that one could not overtake another. In his creative and endowing work, he used up all the divine supplies so that there were not any left for Prometheus when he was to create man and equip him to live in this world. Cunning/clever Prometheus, god of Foresight and Forethought, formed man out of clay, then cleverly tricked the gods and stole the fire from Mt. Olympus. He taught humankind various civilizing arts and endowed them (in defiance of Zeus) with the spark of life

After humans received the stolen fire, an angry Zeus decided to give men a punishing gift to compensate for the boon they had been given. Hence, he commanded the creation of “a beautiful evil”, and for all the Olympic gods to endow it with all the graces/seductive gifts. Athena taught her needlework and weaving. Aphrodite gave grace/beauty upon her head and within placed cruel longing and cares that weary the limbs. Hermes gave her a shameful mind and deceitful nature; plus outwardly the power of speech and inwardly lies and crafty words. Then Athena clothed Pandora in a silvery gown, an embroidered veil, and an ornate crown of gold. Persuasion and the Charites adorned her with necklaces and other finery. Horae adorned her with a garland crown. Hermes named her Pandora because all the Olympians gave her a gift. Finally, depending on which account is told, Prometheus presented her with a jar (pithos, a large storage jar where funds, grain, wine or oil were stored, especially during shipment) or a box (pyxis, a round, also curved vessel made of boxwood with a separate lid which was given to a young girl during the wedding procession from her house to that of her new husband). Within this special container Prometheus had confined either all the evils which could trouble humanity, or all the blessings which could help humanity. When she first appeared before the gods and mortals, “wonder seized them all.” She was “sheer guile”, not to be withstood by men who looked upon her. After Epimetheus received her as his wife, out of simple curiosity she opened the box and released all but one of the burdensome toils, sicknesses and diseases which lead mankind to the death. She quickly shut the lid; however Hope had remained under the lip of the jar/box according to the will of the aegis-bearing treacherous Zeus, the Cloud-Gatherer.

Judy Ham, August 6, 2010

Prophetic Dreams

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