Prophetic Dream – Willfullness

There was a woman sitting in a closet with the door opened. With her was a cat and a snake. I got the impression that the snake and the woman were inseperable. The snake was rather large in size and I particularly took note that it had a large triangular head. The woman had black hair and an animal-skin garment like a leopard. She never left the closet but exuted her influence from there. She let the cat out of the closet.

There was a wedding being planned. The woman in the closet passed herself off as being a wedding planner. When she let the cat out of the closet, it was sent to influence the Bride. Then it was discovered that the woman was a fraud and could not finish with the details of the wedding. The anxious Bride said, “the mothers will have to finish planning the wedding.” The wedding was soon to take place and there was no time to waste


The cat represented willfullness.

The large triangular head on the snake represented an unholy trinity who empowered the woman.

The closet is the woman’s hiding place. The open doors represents the woman’s influence now being exposed.

I believe the woman represents an ancient goddess (principality) that has influenced mankind for generations with her guile.

The Bride is the Bride of Christ, the wedding is the Wedding Feast or Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

The mothers represent the True Church of Christ, the Ekklesia, Ruling and Reigning Ones, fully Mature Remnant Seed

The woman influences mankind with her guile to rebel against God with their willfullness. The cat was let out of the closet to influence the Bride and blind her eyes to the importance of intimacy with the Bridegroom. The Bride (like the foolish virgins in Scripture), was vulnerable to her beguilements and could not see the importance of the hour. She had an awakening of sorts to her true destiny and turned to the Mature Church for help as the woman in the closet was exposed as a fraud. This is the time of the great harvest and powers and principalities are being exposed by God and their long-entrenched influence over mankind is coming to an end. The true influencers of the earth are the ones who seek intimacy with the Lord and whose hearts and wills are aligned with His. This woman was exposed because her time is up and her captives will be set free.

Peggy Miller,  August 7, 2010

Prophetic Dreams

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