Prophetic List For 2014

1) There is a shifting and shaking happening in all areas of culture. Rest assured that God is in control and these things must be as evil men and the spiritual forces controlling the tops of the 7 mountains of culture will be revealed.

2) Always know the Battle is the Lord’s. The church’s place in this hour is to:

a) Humble ourselves before the Lord, allowing Him to do a deep purging work in our lives. True Repentance and Brokenness which brings Restoration, Deeper Intimacy, New Birth of Freedom, allowing the Image of Christ formed within us so His Nature is manifest.

b) Making Decrees and Declarations with the Breath of God, out of the Nature of Christ, to see the intentions of God manifested in the earth. Strong, Absolute Words released, moving in Great Authority not seen in our time, bringing much Fruitfulness into the earth.

c) Be careful of your alliances. Make sure they are God appointed.

d) Watch your tongue. Negativity is a curse. Speak Life over yourself and others. Leave the judging of hearts to God. Bless and curse not.

3) Works done by the reasoning and the flesh of man in the church are dead. A line will be drawn by God this year and it will become evident what is of the Spirit and what is of man. Choices will need to be made in yielding to God.

4) There will be Deliverance of Multitudes in the next two years, within the church and without, as Bondages are Broken, Healing of Infirmities and people coming into True Liberty. The Hungry will be looking for where the Life-flow of God is, His Breath, His Nature, and True Authority. Those carrying these virtues will bring this Deliverance into the earth as the Nature of God sets many Free.

5) Men of God will be seen Travailing in Prayer like never before. Many men’s hearts moved by the Spirit of God to begin taking God-given Authority in Prayer to new levels. Hearts fully given to communion with God, building a Tower of Prayer for many to Seek Him.

6) There will be a Breaking of Silence and a New Opening of Voices in all areas of culture.


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